Unique Roleplay | Need of CIV's | Active staff | Custom vehicles | Housing system | Cad System | Illegal/legal jobs



Today we are opening our server for the first time!Unique roleplay is a Unique experience of roleplaying.Join our community now and help us grow bigger and better!

Some of our Server Features :

-Jobs {Security(Gruppe6), Delivery, Trucker, Pizza Delivery,Garbage man and More}
-Drugs selling system (to npc’s as well)
-Custom Cars (about 36 custom vehicles what you can own)
-Bank Robbery (Bank robbery system so you can rob banks if there is at least 4 cops online)
-Bank and ATM system (Take money out from the bank/atm)
-LSPD (You can be part of our PD but you first need training)
-EMS (You can be part of it but not without training)
-Phone (You can use our phone to call police,medics,mechanics and more)
-Inventory system
-Emotes (We are running a good emote system what is easy to use and works great!)
-Barbershop (Need a cut?No problem,we have many places around the map where you can get a haircut)
-CarWash (When ever you car gets dirty,you can wash the dirt off and pick up some chicks right away!)
-Gunshop (Legal gun shops around the map,but first you need to buy the licenses)
-CarShop (You can own custom vehicles and in game ones)
-Houses/Apartments (You can own property and let others rent yours to pay you rent)
-Full map usage
-Non-Toxic environment
-Extra Menus (For police)
-No dirty money
-Plus much more once you join and play!!!

Server rules are listed in our discord, respect and obey them.
We use Discord for Everyone to chat, and for our Emergency Services!

For more Information and daily Announcement be sure to Join:
Discord - https://discord.gg/hw6bvGX
Server IP -
Website - www.uniqueroleplay.eu
CAD - http://uniquecad.cf/

Come join up and let’s get started with new fresh community!


Interested in learning More?

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/sdme8U6

Just Looking? Don’t want to join our Discord yet? That’s fine you can take a glance at our Wiki that covers a lot of our servers custom features