[UNIQUE NYPD BASED}Universal RP JUST READ THIS AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED PROMISE (Why would I write all this info for nothing :) )


Who are we ?
Hello there I am the Owner of Universal RolePlay.
We are a family (we treat each other like family) that has worked together to make a wonderful server for the people of five M to enjoy and have lots of fun on. We are also a community based on 100% dedication and hard work with no regards to childish behaviour. We tolerate serious RP and professionalism. Here at URP we choose to take our members voices (what they say) into a count and use that to make the family better. We currently have 10 members in discord and we are growing each day. We started this project 2 days ago and I am tired from all this work. Now its time to relax get some people to join the universal family and have the best time ever. We are the only community that when they say there is no FailRP, that means there is none of it. Our staff is very respectful and will drop anything to help people here is few quotes from people that are in the community.
“Brilliant community. I really like it, the owner is more friendly than any other community owner I have ever seen. The people of the community knows what to do and what not to do. I’m more than happy to see them even talk in the text channels” --Victor Ford
"The best server ever made" – Mads E
"Best Community ever made. I Really like how it’s made. Especially the owners. They know how to make people feel good and feel comfortable. Love from Marcus S." - Marcus S




There is the honest quotes!
Are we and how are we unique?
We are a very unique server because at the minute we are trainer based because I want to have every script customarily made but takes a while to do that by my self. I am going to eventually make admins the only ones that have permission for trainers (server sided trainer) and have all scripts taken out and put my custom ones in once done. We are also unique because we don’t get accused of copying DOJ or other servers everything we have has either been given to us with permission or we made it. We are also unique because we are based off of New York and I don’t think there is any server that is based from New York if there is then there isn’t many at least

What requirements is there to join?
You must be the age of 13+ if your mature other wise 16+ if your not a mature and under the age of 16 you cannot join if your not mature at all you cannot join sorry.
You must have working mic
Legit copy of GTAV
You must be respectfull
A part from that you are more than welcome to join.


1K-02 | Victor F. - Yesterday at 4:19 PM
UniversalRP - In Game Rules & Regulations

  • No Fail RP this will result in an immediate Kick.
  • No RDM/VDM this will result in an immediate kick.
  • Do not break RP. Take any ‘ooc’ matters out of game in either TS or Discord.
  • No Supercars in the Blaine County area unless authorized, as they are abused by many players. You will be Kicked.
  • No Aircrafts will be allowed in the server unless authorized, as they are abused by many players this also includes helicopters. You will be Kicked.
  • No Harassment/disrespect will be tollerated in the server if this occours it will result in an immediate temp ban.
  • No military vehicles/RP (Unless authorized) - This will result in Kick.
  • If you have been pitted or your vehicle is damaged, you must stop depending on the damages on your vehicle.
  • New Life Rules (If you die - Do not interact with the same RP Scenario)
  • NO TERROISM ROLEPLAY - This will result in a IMMEDIATE BAN
  • Value your life!! (You wouldn’t rob banks every 5 minutes in real life, or say “you don’t have the balls to kill me”.)
  • No trainings will be conducted while official patrols are in session.
  • You may only be in 2 sub-divisions at a time.
  • Official patrol starts at (time) (timezone) and ends at (time) (timezone)
  • Every member in game MUST have their discord nickname in game, with their unit number.
  • No armored vehicles and no vehicles with guns mounted on them are allowed, unless authorized by an admin.
  • No rocket vehicles allowed unless authorized by an admin.(edited)
    UniversalRP - Discord & Community Regulations

  • All members of the Community are expected to follow these guidelines at all times.
    These rules are to be followed in game, in our Discord, in PM’s, and other media in which you are representing this Community.
    Offenses will be handled on a case-to-case basis, and severity of actions taken will depend on multiple variables.
  • No Discrimination - Discrimination against or use of slurs towards race, sexual orientation, religion, sexuality, age, or nationality will not be tolerated.
  • No Explicit Content - No nudity or graphic images, keep it to yourself.
  • No Bullying - Constant harrasment/attacks/slander upon a particular member or set of members is not tolerated.
  • No Advertising - Do not advertise links to other communities, YouTube channels, or products, in server or PMs, unless authorized by a higher up.
  • No Spamming - Do not spam any aspect of our Discord, doing so will result in the removal of access of said channels/servers.
  • Be Respectful - If you have a dispute solve it civily, preferably in PM’s, however becuase something is sent via PM’s doesn’t exempt you from punishment.
  • Double clanning is allowed, just make sure you are active in both communities then.(edited)
    1K-02 | Victor F. - Yesterday at 9:32 PM
    @4C-01 | Mads E. read these rules in a russian accent.
    February 24, 2018
    1K-01 | Vidsnake136 - Today at 9:12 PM

How do I join this family then?
Well right now our applications on our website is being worked on they will not be open until tomorrow.
The website (urpofficial.000webhostapp.com)Changing URL shortly(Some features are still in development!)

What we offer to you?
We offer a realistic based RP family that is respectful and determined towards each other.
We have fun and will guarantee you a great time just check out our discord and be sure to apply tomorrow also our website is great.

We know there is nothing that we can say to prove to you we are the community for you thats why you need to take our word join our discord and check us out.

Civilian = not trained civs
Civilian Verifyed = trained civs
NYPD= New York Police Department
NYSO= New York Sheriff Office
NYSP = New York State Police
S.W.A.T = Special Weapons And Tactics



I love this post, I love this community. I love the owner and everyone else.

+1, Awesome.


Thanks so much means a lot to me and the family(community)


Our server is online ip is



But they have CHP cars… Hmm…


Hi I am the Deputy Director and we have recently had an opportunity from a former DOJ member to switch to California and then we can get some more people (the former DOJ member’s friend).
We now have 14+ members on our discord server and we are still growing by each day coming since this post was up.

Victor Ford.


So why have “UNIQUE NYPD BASED” on your title when you are clearly California based…?


there’s only one way to be unique: not being a rp server.


Roleplay or drift server, pretty much anything else is unique imo


yeah lmao


I’m not really an idea guy so any ideas havent come up, but if you -or anyone for that matter- can find a unique and fun idea that he can implement into FiveM, he’ll be pretty popular.
Most people like the old school roleplay or drift servers and might despise a change, but some other people will love it.


The original poster @teatea has forgot his login details, so editing the title is not possible.

I really don’t want to sound rude, but since the last time I was in SoSA, I didn’t see any serious RP at all. Not only SoSA but many other communities as well. While in this community. We take everything very seriously, realism is number one on our list.
I am currently making a file for our members to use, this file will be for all the vehicles we have in-game and make them realistic by acceleration, braking, weight, and so on.

I agree with you, but since RolePlay is the most popular game mode you’ll see on FiveM, we have decided to make another RP community and hopefully be unique in our own way. We allow military rp, Others may not. We allow aircrafts, and again others may not. We will spend our time to get more custom civ vehicles than police and ems vehicles.
We want to build a community for the civilians and other members to enjoy, Build a family and friendship with eachother.


Nope… He got banned once again for ban evading. Thinks he can never get caught? Ha! http://images.sosarp.net/SOSA/85248.png

Thanks for the hate speech, getting really triggered now.


anyway, suggestion, why not swap CHP for NYSP? Would be better. But yanno


Oh… I didn’t know that :confused:
He told me he forgot his details…

Just saying the truth of what i’ve been with.


Mhhmmm sure. Funny think is that snake hates sosa, and I haven’t seen you ever in the discord or the servers. So I think he’s just using slander. That’s my opinion. In other words. Have you thought anymore on my suggestion? About nysp


is this better than the other nypd server roleplay