Unable to connect


I encounter a big problem when I run the conection has a server.
look at the photo

I’m stuck on this screen and nothing changes.
can you help me?


You don’t have send the picture …


Update sorry I forgot


I have the same problem ^^


I have the same problem as well… Wish this issue would be addressed and solved properly.


I agree with you, Because I really want to play


Same issue here…

Is anyone looking into it?


im having the same issues, but today is the first day im trying to login. thought it was just my setup before seeing this post.


Yup, same thing… I tried the following things, with no result:

  • W10 to latest version(including creator’s update)
  • Restarted client
  • Restarted steam
  • Restarted pc
  • Disabled firewall

I installed FiveM yesterday(april 24th).

This seems to be a bug in the latest client to me?


I think the same as you


Same problem for me if someone have a magic trick