Ultimate Welfare RP | Serious RP | Legal & Illegal Jobs | Active Dev | Whitelist Police & EMS


Ultimate Welfare RP was created to give it’s players the most enjoyable RP experience. The philosophy of the server is that if you can RP it (and the situation you create for yourself is physically possible in the real world) you can do it. The server does have active developers who try to keep the server running as smooth as possible, admins are also online to maintain that the server keeps a friendly atmosphere. Racists comments and any form of harassment will result in a ban from the server.

The server encourages players to create their own businesses and trade amongst themselves to split from the server created jobs, creating it’s own server operated economy.

There are a number of jobs available for players to choose from, after getting familiar with the server we encourage players to create their own businesses and RP their operations (these can be legal or illegal). Whitelisted jobs include police and EMS, applications for these jobs will be taken on our discord server (information below) until we have our forums up and running.

Police will have a CAD available for use which will be designed to link to the player database to keep a criminal background and vehicle check for all players.

We look forward to seeing you on our server!

Discord : https://discord.gg/dk3MAVD