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We are the new Greater Lambley RPC. We have based our community on the fictional police service Greater Lambley using a standard british policing structure. We have staff who have a combined 14 years experience running GTA based communities. We aim to provide a realistic gaming environment for our members, and that’s where you come in.

We are currently recruiting for mature members looking to further their GTA V Experience. We have positions in Local Crime Team, Roads Policing Team and Firearms Command. We provide all of our members with realistic and in depth training to allow them to fulfill their role within our community.

Not only do we have the above in game positions available we also have Out Of Game Branches, For instance HR and our Training Department. We also have a Server and Mod Testing department who work tirelessly to ensure our in game patrols run as smooth as possible. With over 80 custom modifications (all public release), we ensure the best roleplay possible.

So why not apply today and become a valued member of Greater London RPC and help us grow into one of the best GTA V Role Playing communities there is.

Like what you see? Join today! -


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Is this a whitelisted community?


Hi Norbe, this is a private community. If you wish to join you have to apply. Please visit:


Thank you!
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Well I took my time until the end I saw that the age limit is 16+ :sleepy:, you should list this in the post. Good luck


Norbe, Please feel free to apply and a member of the HR team will review your application.


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We are still recruiting for mature members to join our team! Apply today.!