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Welcome to the UKDOJ FiveM forum post this server is new to FiveM and has been in development for the last month or two. Here at UKDOJ we try to give you the best and most realistic experience. At the time of this post we have 360+ members you can join and try out the server or become a member with us here Hope to see you there!! We’re also partnered with Modern Solutions.

UKDOJ Features:
Custom emergency vehicles and peds
Custom civ vehicles
The ability to fly planes/helicopters if you have a license
Fully working CAD system for a better roleplay experience
Police departments with sub divisions
Server’s Direct IP - ****
UKDOJ Department applications are OPEN


1)Windsor- Bentley
2)Elegy RH8- GTR
3)Schafter V12- Mercedes AMG S63
4)Prairie- Volkswagen
5)Asea (2) - Leon Cupa R
6)Schafter V12 (armoured)- Audi S8
7)Stratum- Mercedes 560 SCL
8)Tailgater- Mercedes S 600
9)Washington- BMW Z50I
10)Baller- Ranger Rover
11)Baller (2)- Ranger Rover Vouge
12)Dubsta- Mercedes G- Wagon
13)FQ 2- GTR Skyline
14)Gresley- Jeep
15)Mesa- Beast Jeep
16)Patriot- Hummer
17)Rocoto- Audi Q7
18)Exemplar- Toyota Camry
19)F620- Mercedes AMG GTR Coupè
20)Jackal- Audi RS7
21)Oracle- BMW M5
22)Dominator- Mustang GT
23)Ruiner- BMW M4
24)Banshee- Ferrari 450
25)Comet- Porsche GT4
26)Feltzer- Toyota Supra
27)9F- Ferrari

Like I said before this server is new to FiveM and it would mean a lot to us if you try it out. Just note since its based on the UK we have EU staff but we would like to get people from NA and other countries to play too and have staff for the NA times. So if you like what you hear come on down and try us out.


Very good community come on guys


Great community, amazing staff


Great Staff. nice cars UK police and NHS all round brilliant server


This server is great


Sick server can get some good RPs going


nICE ONE, WE LOVE IT. Community is good, no trollers… nice i love it


fantstic server the admins are amazing the cars look amazing and the police and EMS vehicles are very realistic the texture developer does an amazing job


10/10 Community. Great people and a great staff team. Much better then DHSRP!


We’ve gotten so many members over the past weeks thanks guys.