TXHCRP | Texas Harris County Roleplay | Join us today!


Game Server:
Discord : https://discord.me/txhrp
Here at Texas Harris County Roleplay Community we strive to maintain a server of the best RP and the upmost realism. With much work and dedication by multiple people we are proud to announce our server.


-Texas State Police
-Harris County Sheriffs Office
-Houston Police Department
-Houston Fire Department

We are a fairly new community. If you are looking to join a fun and realistic roleplaying community, then look no further. This is the best opportunity to come into our community early on and gain a position in a department.

Civilian Operations

We encourage people who are not interested in working for one of our departments to become a registered civilian in our community. We offer detailed custom cars and an advanced section in our CAD/MDT to further expand your character.


All departments are open including STAFF!