Tweet Command Standalone no errors *WORKING*


Hello i made a standalone Tweet Command i have seen some others and they have issues so i have made my own with no errors i have tested it and it is working so enjoy reply if you like it


tweet.lua (520 Bytes)


There are countless (and more complete) snippets like these.

Your method is also insanely outdated and will not be supported in the future.

You should use the REGISTER_COMMAND native. See

Example on how to use it


at this point its copy pase code, since there are countless twitter script out there


Moved to #development:releases , also please don’t just claim it’s copy pasta. Give proof, or give suggestions like @d0p3t .


i have seen some i havent seen a standalone that works for me atleast


ït wasnt meant to claim it was copy paste, i just said that there was countless of these scripts on the forum and they are made even better made

sorry for any miscomunications :slight_smile:


all good man no worries


Here is an idea, Add a background and a border radius around the background and color that background then it would look unique :slight_smile:


Ok when done i will update link


like this but make it more unique ya know add your own little twist on it man always good to stand out and be creative


ok thank you for the idea