Tutorial learn how to put a map (ymap , dlc.rpf) with House's Franklin work 100%



to see the house on youtube and click on the image to find the house.

here is the model you should have after the tutorial.


today i will show you how to put a map on fivem with the site: https://fr.gta5-mods.com/maps
be careful sometimes there are missing elements.

We will take a map that works and learn to put it on fivem.


For this one the file is a dlc. rpf so take a program to open this file.

(\franklin's house ymap\Franklin's house\dlc.rpf)
  1. you have to look in this file ymap for it to work.
    software OpenIV for to be able to take this element : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv

  2. Then we put the folder (franklin’s house ymap (unzip)) in the folder gta v for who can read it with open IV. right click of GTA V shortcut ----right mouse click-- open file location — drag inside to the root of GTA V.

  3. we will start the program (OpenIV). For the first use it asks to locate gta v.
    Warning it does not ask to locate the target file ymap — but the folder gta V !!!
    You should have a scan that should start when you have selected the GTA V folder.

  4. now that the scan is done on gta v with OpenIV. find the folder you put.

folder franklin 's house ymap and next file dlc.rpf.

open the file dlc.rpf always with openiv (without program you could not open it)

  1. you have to find the .ymap open all the files to find it (file.ymap) it’s the one that interests us.
    it’s in the last file … Franklin’s house.ymap … take this file and put it on the desktop.

take the .ymap ( Franklin’s house.ymap) , the rest we do not care.
renamed the ymap we must not have space. example ----

  1. create a folder named: stream
  2. drag Franklinshouse.ymap inside this folder. (stream)
  3. create another folder the same as the .ymap without the .ymap at the end.
               Franklinshouse (name folder )

10.drag stream inside this folder (Franklinshouse)

folder   -   Franklinshouse
         folder   -  stream
                 file - Franklinshouse.ymap
  1. now we are going to create a little code to say that this is a map ---- (edit with notpad ++, freesoftware)
resource_manifest_version '77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5'

this_is_a_map 'yes'

  1. Save the file :
  1. now put the file (ressource.lua) in the folder ------ Franklinshouse

14.is finish , his must give that :

folder   -   Franklinshouse
        file    -  resource.lua 
        folder   -  stream
                file -  Franklinshouse.ymap

15.do not forget in server.cfg

start Franklinshouse 

(That’s why we removed the space at half of the tutorial otherwise the console cmd could not have read this document, point 6 of the tutorial). :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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