[Tutorial] - GCPhone - Adding calls and job messages


@HalCroves Where do I find that version?


Here : https://github.com/N3MTV/gcphone/releases
OLD Version Beta 0.1


@HalCroves looking through the code briefly. Doesnt look like vRP at all, but essentialmode?

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I’m not really sure… If his vrp or other :thinking:


@Levende_Postej, @dtix for a white screen change your version of mysql-async. Test whith mysql-async 2.x
=> https://github.com/brouznouf/fivem-mysql-async/tree/2.0

Gcphone white screen

salut les amis bonne nouvelle un mec a trouvé le soucis du whitescreen c’était le plugin mysql-async qui était pas à jour un grand merci à lui sur le forum FIVEMfrance [Axel Langlais]
je me permet de mettre çà soluce ici

hello friends good news a guy found the problem of whitescreen was the plugin mysql-async which was not up to date a big thank you to him on the forum FIVEMfrance [Axel Langlais]
I allow myself to put this here


@dtix Il a, il a… disons que ça provient un peu d’ici https://github.com/HalCroves/gcphone/issues/2
Hé hé :smile:
Faites attention quand vous sitez les sources, toujours se renseigner et vérifier avant.


effectivement tu a trouvé la solution et le mec ces pris tout le mérite sur fivemfrance…
en tout cas un grand merci à toi


C’est le problème de ne pas citer ses sources. Quoi qu’il en soit, ce qui compte c’est d’avoir trouvé la solution :wink:
No problem.


Hello i have an error, when i open the phone with “F2” and i go to Message the phone go white and if i try to send a message, the phone don’t update the chat.


If you use mysql async 2.x it works fine but if you use the newer versions you need to make a slight alteration in the phonecode


If you want use gcphone with mysql-async 2.x, check here : https://github.com/HalCroves/gcphone


Thank you, it work perfectly. I have a question: Where i can find the string in french and translate it to another language?


@Spicy1, look in your gcphone/html/static/config/config.json


Hello. How can I make phone as a item to buy and then use it with that item in inventory .


ESX.TriggerServerCallback(‘phone:getItemAmount’, function(qtty)
if qtty > 0 then
end, ‘phone’)


ESX.RegisterServerCallback(‘phone:getItemAmount’, function(source, cb, item)
local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
local qtty = xPlayer.getInventoryItem(item).count
print("phone qtty: " … qtty)


Error parsing script server/server.lua in resource gcphone: server/server.lua:25: unexpected symbol near ‘<\226>’
Failed to load script server/server.lua.


‘)’ expected near ‘<\226>’


Error loading script server/server.lua in resource gcphone: server/server.lua:17: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘ESX’)
stack traceback:
cfx> server/server.lua:17: in main chunk

Can u send it correctly or its only my error


Hi all.
Is it possible to create an app like “bank” but for the police.
Like and app icon in the phone home when we could call or message the police.
I know we can call the police from favoris in the phone but from the home would be much better


I have the gcphone and i were wondering what dimensions the screen itself shall be at 100%, i tried getting a custom ¨phone¨ template but its to big and its taking time to get it exact with the top bar aswell, help appreciated


How to Send an anonymous message ?