[Tutorial] - GCPhone - Adding calls and job messages


little question. When i send a message to anyone it just puts out a white screen (screenshot included) but when i restart gcphone it outputs it correctly. Also when i send it, it doesnt show the message directly. Only after a white screen and a restart


and something else. Its not just with the messages. Its also with the Dark Chat. It seems like the messages arent syncing because like mentioned before, every messages shows up once the resource is restarted


o7 Hi,
Because you use mysql_async 3.0.8 and server.lua was not update i think…
=> Tutorial For GCPhone with call and job message...other


well. the problem is that our server can only use 3.0.8. is there a way for us to use it with 3.0.8?
Thanks for the quick reply


Hello, Thanks! got it to work. But I have another question. Is it possible to send the police/medic/fire a message like in the normal esx_phone? Because now you can only send them a message and it doesnt get recognized by the esx job


got a question do i need to turn off esx_phone and delete the phone numbers out of the database and then add the sql for the gc phone in to get everything to work


Hello, I have a problem … I install my gcphone and everything that goes with it but when I press the key to open it in game I have an error that says: es_extended [gcphone: get item account] does not exist. Someone to help me please?


Hello, is there any way to make the phone work with the normal esx police and medic/fire/mechanic numbers? Because in the normal phone you can send a message to these services. Thanks


Hello @SuisseGames

Im trying to convert this to essentialmode without ESX, So far its going well but in the code here:

AddEventHandler('es:playerLoaded', function(_source)
    --local _source = source
    -- Get the players money amount
    TriggerEvent("es:getPlayerFromId", _source, function(user)
  local xPlayer = getPlayerID(_source)
  MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM users WHERE identifier = @identifier',{
    ['@identifier'] = xPlayer}, function(result)
    local phoneNumber = result[1].phone_number
    xPlayer.set('phoneNumber', phoneNumber)
    if PhoneNumbers[xPlayer.job.name] ~= nil then
      TriggerEvent('esx_addons_gcphone:addSource', xPlayer.job.name, _source)

Im getting the error attempt to call a nil value (field 'set')
For the code: xPlayer.set('phoneNumber', phoneNumber)

What is the set actually doing here? And is there a quick solution to resolve this?

Thanks <3


Hi, Maybe check her : https://github.com/HalCroves/gcphone/blob/9c717110ff9644643ae1f0f4dedc906f3e45aa26/gcphone/html/static/config/config.json#L129 ?


Hi, send your files, it’s was mor easy with.


Phone works like it should, just sometimes after its put away it remains in the hand.


did someone do it for vrp?


For me pulling out the phone and putting it away again usually fixes that.


I don’t think it’s available yet for vRP


Hey Hal, is there a way to allow mouse nav and numpad dialing on gcphone?


Everything is possible, but I do not intend to do it. Too much to do on my side ^-^


How to i clear server cache


when I´m a Cop or Medic I cant recieve dispatches why?


Hi, check the Wiki :

  1. Download the gcphone and esx_addons_gcphone
  2. Put the downloaded files on your ftp.
  • server-data/resources/
  • gcphone => in “server-data/resources/”
  • esx_addons_gcphone => in “server-data/resources/[ESX]”
  1. In, your server.cfg, put before the jobs addons :
  • start gcphone
  • start esx_addons_gcphone