[Tutorial] - GCPhone - Adding calls and job messages


Done it all but when i give myself the item and press F1 nothing happenes, help is really appreciated
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Hello, i have an issue with phone numbers, when someone joins my server the number that is created has only 3 digits, someone help please?


Hello, I have a problem with the voice. If I call anyone he can’t hear me but People near me can hear me. Everything else works just fine.


Hi there so my problem is that me and anyone on the server don’t have their own phone numbers. Also I have issues in database - the phone_number gives some errors and always stay (NULL)
How to solve this?


gcphone not supporting mysql-async 3.0.8 ?

@HalCroves ?


I’am updated mysql-async version 3.0.8 and messages screen white.

Please help me…


I believe Hals version supports 3.0.8 but the normal one does not. Dont quote me on this tho


I’il believe you believe.


https://github.com/HalCroves/gcphone/tree/mysql-async-3.x ?


I have installed :


But messages then white screen.


Do you have tested my version for mysql 3.x ?..
=> https://github.com/HalCroves/gcphone/tree/mysql-async-3.x
More detail please…



function _internalAddMessage(transmitter, receiver, message, owner)
  local Query = "INSERT INTO phone_messages (`transmitter`, `receiver`,`message`, `isRead`,`owner`) VALUES(@transmitter, @receiver, @message, @isRead, @owner)"
  local Query2 = 'SELECT * from phone_messages WHERE `id` = @id'
  local Parameters = {
    ['@transmitter'] = transmitter,
    ['@receiver'] = receiver,
    ['@message'] = message,
    ['@isRead'] = owner,
    ['@owner'] = owner
  local lastInsertId = MySQL.Sync.insert(Query, Parameters)
  return MySQL.Sync.fetchAll(Query2, {['id'] = lastInsertId})[1]

anyone have a working gcphone as item ?


Anyone have a working version of this that’s compatible with Dunkos vRP?


Hello guys. I have an question. I wana add some ringtones and some message sounds. Where can i find this part of the script or where do i have to ad it


Hello, the tutorial u did to add the phone as a item didn’t work for me. i have the phone in the db and the phone won’t appear. even if i have the item, any ideas?


Sooooo I am getting the same white screen as some others and I am not sure on how to fix it…
Im new to coding but have a general idea on how it is all done. (Altering code anyways)
Any help would be fantastic!

Edit: I did my best to follow the tutorial…


Scroll up a few posts and you shall find what your heart desires


Done, but when i press F1:

error resuming coroutine: client/client:lua153: attempt to index a nil value (global 'ESX')
stack traceback:
        client/client.lua:153: in function <client/client.lua:148>


ESX = nil

On top of your file client:lua