[Tutorial] - GCPhone - Adding calls and job messages


We’ll do it differently, you’re going to list all your plugins :slight_smile:


Hello, i have another question. Everythings works fine but there is one problem, when someone is calling me and im having him saved as contact it still displays number and “unknown” just like i never had this person saved as contact. I guess there is a easy way put notification above map when someone is calling because it works for messages, but where to put ESX.ShowNotification()? when i put this under gcPhone:waitingCall in client.lua its not working, any idea?


Same problem with contact


Hi, yep it’s possible.

For me you can edit this function for add notification when you receive a call:



Maybe with :

AddEventHandler('gcPhone:internal_startCall', function(source, phone_number, rtcOffer, extraData)
	print('CALL WITH NUMBER ' .. srcPhone)
    local destPlayer = getIdentifierByPhoneNumber(phone_number)
	TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', destPlayer, "test")
    local is_valid = destPlayer ~= nil and destPlayer ~= srcIdentifier
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I must have missed that server event, ill try it.


I have edit my last post (Tutorial For GCPhone with call and job message...other)


I have cleared the cache and yes the icons are all there but they still wont change.


have you added icons also in __resource.lua ? they need to be loaded to show



  1. Put your news pictures in in the right folders gcphone/html/static/img
    • icons_app = phone icons
    • coque = phone shell
    • background = wallpaper
  2. If you have rename pictures, you need to go in the file html/static/config/config.json and change name files.
  3. Edit the files gcphone/__resource.lua if you have added a news icons.
  4. Clear cache

Hi again :slight_smile:
FINALLY :smile: I have a progress with this phone.
But I have another problems too :frowning:.
Here is my vendor.js, I was clearing my cache server without any result.
Any ideas what can I do? Can u look on vendor and tell me what should I change in this file?
Thanks :innocent:.


Can you test with this vendor.js ?
By cons for the js, do not ask me, I’m a quiche :smile:


If I use your vendor im getting no phone on screen, only player animation.


Anyone able to help me set this up please? considering the tutorial is all in French and i know nothing but English ahah, just need help installing it and making sure it works when people call for EMS, Police,Mechanics etc thanks in advance


I’m having a problem setting the phone buyable from the store.
It’s not working, I have no erros all the code seems fine, added phone into DB items and shops.

Don’t know why its like this

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Really I have no idea why the phone dyfunction on you server.
Maybe tell with your host.


I have a problem, whn i call police or any job it dosnt arrive the call to the police, any solution?


Any errors or other informations ? Check logs.

Check my version on github and test : https://github.com/HalCroves/gcphone

in your database, do you have import .sql ?


Yes, I did import the .sql, and there is no errors on the console


But your Version dosnt hava a sql file right?


I just downloaded and putted in your version and still dosnt work the police calls