[Tutorial] - GCPhone - Adding calls and job messages

  • Zap.
    Zap ? Zap Hosting ?
  • Idk what do you mean.
    Preinstalled server or ?

I’ll try this version.
Yes, zap hosting.
Still don’t know what you mean. He is not preinstalled.


Still don’t know what you mean. He is not preinstalled.
Okay okay, so you can update your server to the latest artifact, maybe ?

For linux : https://runtime.fivem.net/artifacts/fivem/build_proot_linux/master/
For Windaube : https://runtime.fivem.net/artifacts/fivem/build_server_windows/master/

Linux :

  • Log in to your management console (putty for example)
  • Navigate in you server repertory :
  • Download the last artifact :
    wget https://runtime.fivem.net/artifacts/fivem/build_proot_linux/master/910-527e7123f4da2cf18512387a22d7ecb0f7db903a/fx.tar.xz
  • Go in your ftp browsers, and rename the folder “alpine” by “–alpine” for example
  • Return on Putty, and type :
    tar xf fx.tar.xz


  • Download the last artifact, and replace the folder “alpine” by the news.

Im using zap hosting Linux build, how can I do this?


I’m sorry i have no idea how function zap hosting :frowning:


So I just have to test this and pray that it would work :smiley:
Btw I can’t update my system build because I don’t have that permissions.



Oh really…, Zap hosting is not a good host :frowning:


Still nothing :frowning:
Any ideas? I need phone on my server XD


Wtf :scream:
I have no idea why the phone didn’t function. Do you have any log?


Only errors in console - its all. Errors are the same as previous.


Send me by mp your phone (complete), i will test :confused:


someone know how to configure vdk_call with gcphone to recive calls and accept them? From police,ambulance, taxi…


Hello, Sorry for a stupid question but vdk_call is necessarily? because i have tested this phone without vdk_call and it seems to work fine. Another question, 9gag is not working for me(Stuck at loading “chargement”), is there a way to fix it? or replace with another website? or make any use of this app?


Well i like to receive calls without opening phone as police or ems… So i’d like to have that but don’t know how to configure it.


The person who deals with this thread no longer responds … And I do not use vdk_call. Try to mp @SuisseGames


For the first question, nop is not necessarily.
For the second question, yes I thinks is possible to change site


I uploaded my phone here.
Please try it, I don’t know what is wrong - im only editing a keybind.


I’m sorry to tell you that your phone works :confused:
The problem comes from elsewhere.


What the fuck is going on XD


What is wrong? I dont get it. I dont have another phone in my server, I cleared cache 3 times.
Can u tell me what plugins do you use? Maybe I have one who could colide with phone.