Tutorial For GCPhone with call and job message...other



Ok but I need a config without this shitty work , only with ambulance, police and Taxi


It is only in your house that it does not work that do you want me to tell you more … you made a mistake in some parts … at worst, take another script, instead of out of vulgarities .


Hello man,
When you install an addon, you must import a sql file into your database. If you do not import it, messages will not be stored.

gc_phone and his haddon esx_addons_gcphone must be placed behind es_extended and before the jobs addons !

If you put them after, that will not work

Do you use other phone addons?

Can you show us your database and your ftp?


Maybe I should edit something in policejob/client/main.lua


my iphone is all white when i open it


Did you drop it in water by any chance??? May need a replacement


So you mean i should download it again. Set it in the ressource and text start again?(Edit) I just tried and still the white screen…


What do i have to do with the database anyway?


why does the voice not work? When someone call the 911 i can accept the call but i dont hear him talking


Hello, look this link : Tutorial For GCPhone with call and job message...other


Can someone translate this to English?


If the screen of your phone is white, it means that you have made changes in the config.json (images, new contact …) and / or that the images are not loaded in the resource.lua.


So I found the solution You need to call the phone provider and they will situate it for you, I believe they will get you a new phone also


. Everything is the same as u say… Still white


Create archive zip or rar and upload file her. It’s going to be easier for us to watch.


try this, it’s all configured …



__resource.lua (1.4 KB)


What about the esx_Addon_GCPhone?(Edit( NVM


And other files or in minimal the config.json … ?


config.json (3.1 KB)