Tutorial For GCPhone with call and job message...other



Should I change something inside ? Or just add this on server


No idea, I do not use this addon maybe @SuisseGames can help you.


@HalCroves where can i find it? can u tell me how to do that?


Here =>



@HalCroves can u tell me where i can change (in plugin) default zoom to 60%?


and i need to change phone number from 3 to 8 dig. (IN plugin)

  1. Maybe here : Tutorial For GCPhone with call and job message...other (not tested)
  2. change the number value in colum 'phone_number’


Hey. Did u figure out how to change service number ? e.g ‘police’ to ‘LSPD’
Or just showing name in phone messages to other than ‘police’ ‘amulance’ ‘mecano’ etc.


yeah but i want the “deafult” 8 dig number phone ;/ cause i have 32 peoples on server and have no time to change every single numberphone


Hmm … I have two jobs, I come back late at night and I also have to take care of my community … I did not force the time to do everything in 24 hours.

You have to be patient :smiley:


I’m not a pro but that’s what I would try to do :

If you want change number phone to 1 at xxxx, you can use this sql :

SET @i=0;
UPDATE users SET phone_number=(@i:=@i+1);

And (i’m not sure)

You can also do this in phpMyAdmin without writing SQL.

  • Click on a database name in the left column.
  • Click on a table name in the left column.
  • Click the “Operations” tab at the top.
  • Under “Table options” there should be a field for AUTO_INCREMENT (only on tables that have an auto-increment field).
  • Input desired value and click the “Go” button below.

I would not be liable for any damages if there is to.

Or delete and recreate the table.


yes i have esx_voice and no, i dont have any other phones


For some reason the icons dont change when i put in new pictures and yes the pictures are the same format and i have done what you should do. The wired thing is that even if i remove the img config the icons and names are the same. I could really use some help with this


Remeber to add them in your __ressource.lua


I have done that, Still nothing


Post your __resource.lua and your config files.

Note : clear your cache.


__resource.lua (2.4 KB)
config.json (4.7 KB)
config.lua (358 Bytes)
Here are the files from my phone


Your config.json is ok for me. The same for the your __resource.lua.

Your background are in this directory => html/static/img/background and you customs icon in this directory html/static/img/icons_app ?

In the list of choice of the background, they are less listed or no ?

If the icons do not change, it is either these are not loaded, or the old ones are still a cache.

Sometimes you just have to clear the server cache.


Hi, I have a problem with this phone. When I use f1 to open him im getting this:

If I push enter or left mouse click while I have this^ im getting this:

I deleted my server cache.
What could I do to make this phone usefull?


For me it’s a syntax problem. Check your config.json