[Tutorial] Change Default Spawning Locations


If you want to change the spawning locations of your server open server/resources/fivem-map-skater OR server/resources/fivem-map-hipster in your favorite editor and change the values to the ones listed below. Then save and start your server.


Strip Club DJ Booth X:126.135 Y:-1278.583 Z:29.270

Blaine County Savings Bank X:-109.299 Y:6464.035 Z:31.627

Police Station X:436.491 Y: -982.172 Z:30.699

Humane Labs Entrance X:3619.749 Y:2742.740 Z:28.690

Burnt FIB Building X:160.868 Y:-745.831 Z:250.063

North Yankton Bank X:5309.519 Y:-5212.375 Z:83.522 IPL needed

10 Car Garage Back Room X:223.193 Y:-967.322 Z:99.000

Humane Labs Tunnel X:3525.495 Y:3705.301 Z:20.992

Ammunation Office X:12.494 Y:-1110.130 Z: 29.797

Ammunation Gun Range X: 22.153 Y:-1072.854 Z:29.797

Trevor’s Meth Lab X:1391.773 Y:3608.716 Z:38.942

Pacific Standard Bank Vault X:255.851 Y: 217.030 Z:101.683

Lester’s House X:1273.898 Y:-1719.304 Z:54.771

Floyd’s Apartment X:-1150.703 Y:-1520.713 Z:10.633

FIB Top Floor X:135.733 Y:-749.216 Z:258.152
IAA Office X:117.220 Y:-620.938 Z:206.047

Pacific Standard Bank X:235.046 Y:216.434 Z:106.287

Fort Zancudo ATC entrance X:-2344.373 Y:3267.498 Z:32.811

Fort Zancudo ATC top floor X:-2358.132 Y:3249.754 Z:101.451

Damaged Hospital X:356.822 Y:-590.151 Z:43.315 IPL needed

Slaughterhouse X:-80.557 Y:6220.006 Z:31.090 IPL needed

Los Santos County Coroner Office/Morgue X:243.351 Y:-1376.014 Z:39.534 IPL needed

Torture Room X: 147.170 Y:-2201.804 Z:4.688

O’neil Ranch X: 2441.216 Y:4968.585 Z:51.707 IPL needed


Main LS Customs X:-365.425 Y:-131.809 Z:37.873

Yacht X:-2023.661 Y:-1038.038 Z:5.577 IPL needed

Carrier (MP Only) X:3069.330 Y:-4704.220 Z:15.043 IPL needed

Fort Zankudo UFO X:2052.000 Y:3237.000 Z:1456.973 IPL needed

Very High Up X:-129.964 Y:8130.873 Z:6705.307

IAA Roof X:134.085 Y:-637.859 Z:262.851

FIB Roof X:150.126 Y:-754.591 Z:262.865

Maze Bank Roof X:-75.015 Y:-818.215 Z:326.176

Top of the Mt Chilad X:450.718 Y:5566.614 Z:806.183

Most Northerly Point X:24.775 Y:7644.102 Z:19.055

Vinewood Bowl Stage X:686.245 Y:577.950 Z:130.461

Sisyphus Theater Stage X:205.316 Y:1167.378 Z:227.005

Director Mod Trailer X:-20.004 Y:-10.889 Z:500.602 Might Not Work

Galileo Observatory Roof X:-438.804 Y:1076.097 Z:352.411

Kortz Center X:-2243.810 Y:264.048 Z:174.615

Chumash Historic Family Pier X:-3426.683 Y:967.738 Z:8.347

Paleto Bay Pier X:-275.522 Y:6635.835 Z:7.425

God’s thumb X:-1006.402 Y:6272.383 Z:1.503

Calafia Train Bridge X:-517.869 Y:4425.284 Z:89.795

Altruist Cult Camp X:-1170.841 Y:4926.646 Z:224.295

Maze Bank Arena Roof X:-324.300 Y:-1968.545 Z:67.002

Marlowe Vineyards X:-1868.971 Y:2095.674 Z:139.115

Hippy Camp X:2476.712 Y:3789.645 Z:41.226

Devin Weston’s House X:-2639.872 Y:1866.812 Z:160.135

Abandon Mine X:-595.342 Y: 2086.008 Z:131.412

Weed Farm X:2208.777 Y:5578.235 Z:53.735

Stab City X: 126.975 Y:3714.419 Z:46.827

Airplane Graveyard Airplane Tail X:2395.096 Y:3049.616 Z:60.053

Satellite Dish Antenna X:2034.988 Y:2953.105 Z:74.602

Satellite Dishes X: 2062.123 Y:2942.055 Z:47.431

Windmill Top X:2026.677 Y:1842.684 Z:133.313

Sandy Shores Building Site Crane X:1051.209 Y:2280.452 Z:89.727

Rebel Radio X:736.153 Y:2583.143 Z:79.634

Quarry X:2954.196 Y:2783.410 Z:41.004

Palmer-Taylor Power Station Chimney X: 2732.931 Y: 1577.540 Z:83.671

Merryweather Dock X: 486.417 Y:-3339.692 Z:6.070

Cargo Ship X:899.678 Y:-2882.191 Z:19.013

Del Perro Pier X:-1850.127 Y:-1231.751 Z:13.017

Play Boy Mansion X:-1475.234 Y:167.088Z:55.841

Jolene Cranley-Evans Ghost X:3059.620 Y:5564.246 Z:197.091

NOOSE Headquarters X:2535.243 Y:-383.799 Z:92.993

Snowman X: 971.245 Y:-1620.993 Z:30.111

Oriental Theater X:293.089 Y:180.466 Z:104.301

Beach Skatepark X:-1374.881 Y:-1398.835 Z:6.141

Underpass Skatepark X:718.341 Y:-1218.714 Z: 26.014

Casino X:925.329 Y:46.152 Z:80.908

University of San Andreas X:-1696.866 Y:142.747 Z:64.372

La Puerta Freeway Bridge X: -543.932 Y:-2225.543 Z:122.366

Land Act Dam X: 1660.369 Y:-12.013 Z:170.020

Mount Gordo X: 2877.633 Y:5911.078 Z:369.624

Little Seoul X:-889.655 Y:-853.499 Z:20.566

Epsilon Building X:-695.025 Y:82.955 Z:55.855 Z:55.855

The Richman Hotel X:-1330.911 Y:340.871 Z:64.078

Vinewood sign X:711.362 Y:1198.134 Z:348.526

Los Santos Golf Club X:-1336.715 Y:59.051 Z:55.246

Chicken X:-31.010 Y:6316.830 Z:40.083

Little Portola X:-635.463 Y:-242.402 Z:38.175

Pacific Bluffs Country Club X:-3022.222 Y:39.968 Z:13.611

Vinewood Cemetery X:-1659993 Y:-128.399 Z:59.954

Paleto Forest Sawmill Chimney X:-549.467 Y:5308.221 Z:114.146

Mirror Park X:1070.206 Y:-711.958 Z:58.483

Rocket X:1608.698 Y:6438.096 Z:37.637

El Gordo Lighthouse X:3430.155 Y:5174.196 Z:41.280

Mile High Club X:-144.274 Y:-946.813 Z:269.135


Sunken Body X:-3161.078 Y:3001.998 Z:-37.974

Underwater WW2 Tank X:4201.633 Y:3643.821 Z:-39.016

Dead Sea Monster X:-3373.726 Y:504.714 Z:-24.656

Underwater UFO X: 762.426 Y:7380.371 Z:-111.377

Underwater Hatch X: 4273.950 Y: 2975.714 Z:-170.746

Sunken Plane X: -942.350 Y:6608.752 Z:-20.912

Sunken Cargo Ship X:3199.748 Y:-379.018 Z:-22.500

Spawn point? Help!
Please HELP can't login more :-O

Nice list sir! Here’s a :hamburger:

[Tutorial] Change Default Spawning Locations (ESX)

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LOL thanks buddy :slight_smile:


Hey man, thanks for the tutorial.
I tried this with 2 spawnpoints on a custom map, about 20 units above the floor, but it crashes when you join the server. How do I fix this?


@woohoobar - know im late to this but i think you need to have a minimum of like 5? spawn points.


you will be fine with only 1 spawn point


awsome tutorial thank you, just wish someone would provide with some of the parking spots without having to jump out of game to do so.


anyone know the spawn point that SOE uses the one next to the train station?


can someone send a map.lua with spawnpoint next to the job center?


Is there a way to add random spawns?


Alright so I’ve added a set spawn locaiton to both skater and hippie but for some reason whenever I restart the server the spawning location goes back to Spanish Ave in the city by the dealership, even though its still saved as my custom spawn location in the configs. Any ideas?


Some other resource is overriding the spawn locations. I’m going to guess you are running ESX resources.


Thanks for responding, yes I am, do you have an idea of what other resources might be causing this?


Sorry dude dont mean to bug you too much but this is the last thing thats preventing me from officially launching my server, since my server is only Blaine County based, it would be amazing to have a Blaine County spawn location which I got.

-I’ve went as far as renaming fivem-map-custom to fivem-map-custom, I even deleted one and left the other but it still reset spawn location to spanish ave for returning players, and random places through out San Andreas for new users.