[TT RP] New Server / Founded by a Gaming Community! 17+ | Map Enhancements | Serious Roleplay | Whitelisted Jobs | Many Non-Whitelist Jobs | Drugs | Bank, Store and Player Robberies | Hiring PD, EMS & Mechs | Realistic Economy | ESX | Active Dev / Staff


TT Roleplay is officially opening its doors today! After a tremendous amount of development and private game play, we are excited to share our amazing server with you. We’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us and we hope to see you on discord soon!

Casino is now open! New whitelist jobs, gambling and more!!

Why TT RP?

TT Roleplay is a serious RP community, managed and operated by adults, with an active admin, staff and developer base. We have made a ton of modifications and enhancements to the server, adding things like hunting, fishing, bike rentals, drugs, bank and player robberies, enhanced visual inventory and shopping experiences, black market, dark net, vehicle inventory, hundreds of custom cars and motorcycles and so much more.

Our Key Differentiators

Global staff coverage (US, UK, Asia), premium server with EUP uniforms, Teamspeak (used for emergency services), 17+ community, encourage streaming, microphone is a requirement, EMS, Police and Mechanics are all led and managed by folks with real-life experience in the field. Server was started by a gaming community of nearly 100 people that have been playing together for years.

We believe in creating a non-toxic community and take breaking the rules seriously.
Our Motto: Respect the rules and have fun.

New players in our city will receive a “moving bonus” of 100k! Want to earn even more money? Bring some friends! We will pay 50k/week if you bring an active friend. Bring multiple folks whom are active and you’ll earn an additional 25k/week up to 200k/week.

Give Us a Try! We Know You’ll Enjoy Your Stay.

  • Discord (connection info can be found here)



Whitelist Jobs - All are actively hiring.

Los Santos Police Department

LSPD is responsible for enforcing the city’s penal codes and preserving the citizens’ well-being. This dedicated and honorable department selflessly serves the community, day or night. LSPD has jurisdiction, both in the city and in the county and are responsible for enforcing traffic laws, criminal laws and assisting in civil disputes.

Los Santos Medical Services

Our EMS department takes the preservation of life very seriously. With paramedics, EMTs and doctors on staff, they ensure everyone is in tip-top shape and as healthy as can be.

Los Santos Fire Department

Looking to throw some wet stuff on some hot stuff? We’ve got you covered! LSFD is responsible for responding to medical calls (with ems) along with putting out fires that spawn throughout the city. Come keep the city cool!

Mechanic Services
The mechanic department is responsible for assisting citizens and other departments with vehicle issues. Mechanics can help repair damaged vehicles to get them running again, impound abandoned vehicles and refuel vehicles that need a little extra “juice” to get to their destination.

Looking for a new property? Want to sell one you own? Our realtors can help with that! From starter apartments to exotic luxury mansions, we’ve got it all!

Non-Whitelist Jobs and Activities
We have many ways to make money in TT RP. Some of them can be found at the Job Center, like taxi driver, bus driver, reporter, garbage collection, etc. while others are out in the world, like hunting, deliveries, fishing and more.

For those of you that like a little mischief, you can also take to a life of crime to make money by selling drugs, chopping cars, robbing and more!

If you like what you see here, we encourage you to give us a try. We’d love to have you join our growing community.

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Updated post with some screenshots.

We’ve had quite an influx of folks join! Very exciting stuff. Will you be our newest community member?

Come join the fun!

New incentive to join us!

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Come join our growing community. We’d love you have you!

New jobs added! Casino (gambling and new whitelist job) will be live this evening!

Server is rocking and rolling! Come join the fun.

Bump! Casino and new jobs are now live.

LSFD Coming Soon! Vanilla Unicorn now a whitelist job as well.

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LSFD is officially live! Now accepting applications.

Come join the fun! We are steadily growing and would love to have you.

New features have been added and more are coming!

Still haven’t checked us out yet? What are you waiting for?

We’re still going strong! Come join the fun.

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New vehicles and burglary script now added!

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There’s a variety of white-list opportunities available for those that truly love to role-play! The criminal aspect of the city has lots of options to make a lucrative living. Come check out the city! https://discord.gg/xQXncNZ

@Thermal is having a good time and you can too! Come check it out.

One of the best servers I’ve been on. Mature and active development team as well as honest and willing to help Moderators. Updates and additions are constantly being added to enhance your role playing experience. Try TTRP out and I promise you, you’ll never turn back.

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Bump! Our community is steadily growing. Will you be our newest member?