Trying to set up a ESX server (ERROR MESSAGE)


Ok so i am trying to set up a server with full Esx mods enabled, when i start it it gives me this command

C:\Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer>run.cmd +exec server.cfg
Resolved to
Creating script environments for _cfx_internal
Found new resource async in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/async
Found new resource esplugin_mysql in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/esplugin_mysql
Found new resource essentialmode in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/essentialmode
Found new resource esx_menu_default in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/esx_menu_default
Found new resource esx_menu_dialog in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/esx_menu_dialog
Found new resource esx_menu_list in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/esx_menu_list
Found new resource es_admin in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/es_admin
Found new resource es_extended in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/es_extended
Found new resource mysql-async in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[ESX]/mysql-async
Found new resource fivem in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/fivem
Found new resource fivem-awesome1501 in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/fivem-awesome1501
Found new resource fivem-map-hipster in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/fivem-map-hipster
Found new resource fivem-map-skater in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/fivem-map-skater
Found new resource runcode in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/runcode
Found new resource race in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[gamemodes]/race
Found new resource race-test in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[gamemodes]/race-test
Found new resource channelfeed in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[gameplay]/channelfeed
Found new resource irc in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[gameplay]/irc
Found new resource obituary in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[gameplay]/obituary
Found new resource obituary-deaths in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[gameplay]/obituary-deaths
Found new resource playernames in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[gameplay]/playernames
Found new resource mapmanager in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[managers]/mapmanager
Found new resource baseevents in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/baseevents
Found new resource chat in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/chat
Found new resource chat-theme-gtao in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/chat-theme-gtao
Found new resource hardcap in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/hardcap
Found new resource rconlog in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/rconlog
Found new resource scoreboard in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/scoreboard
Found new resource sessionmanager in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/sessionmanager
Found new resource spawnmanager in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/spawnmanager
Found new resource betaguns in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[test]/betaguns
Found new resource gameInit in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[test]/gameInit
Found new resource keks in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[test]/keks
Found new resource webpack in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/[builders]/webpack
Found new resource yarn in C:/Users\larra\OneDrive\Desktop\ESXServer/resources//[FiveMDefault]/[system]/[builders]/yarn
Creating script environments for sessionmanager
Started resource sessionmanager
Creating script environments for mapmanager
Started resource mapmanager
Creating script environments for chat
Started resource chat
Started resource spawnmanager
Started gametype Freeroam
Started resource fivem
Creating script environments for hardcap
Started resource hardcap
Creating script environments for rconlog
Started resource rconlog
Creating script environments for mysql-async
Started resource mysql-async
Creating script environments for essentialmode
Loaded, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null into ScriptDomain_178433674
Instantiated instance of script SQLite.Main.
Started resource essentialmode
Creating script environments for esplugin_mysql
Started resource esplugin_mysql
Creating script environments for async
Started resource async
Creating script environments for es_extended
Started resource es_extended
Creating script environments for es_admin
Started resource es_admin
Started resource esx_menu_default
Started resource esx_menu_list
Started resource esx_menu_dialog
Authenticating server license key…
Server licecfx> nse key authentication succeeded. Welcome!
Sending heartbeat to
Performing version check against:

Started map fivem-map-hipster
Started resource fivem-map-hipster
Error: (node:8940) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘3’ of null
at parseConnectingString (mysql-async.js:5049:30)
at global.on (mysql-async.js:5067:18)
at citizen:/scripting/v8/main.js:202:28
Error: (node:8940) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). (rejection id: 1)
Error: (node:8940) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code.

[EssentialMode] Current version: 6.1.0
[EssentialMode] Updater version: 6.1.0

Access denied for command sets.
Access denied for command sets.
[EssentialMode] Everything is nice and updated!

 Sending heartbeat to

I am very new to creating servers with FiveM so i am not sure at all how to fix this.


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I don’t know much about ESX servers. But a start might be to not run your FiveM server inside of the OneDrive cloud…

Put the server on your local drive.

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