Trying to get started with C#/.dll resources... Halp?


So, I have a bit of experience in a few different languages (primarily php and python), but I am completely new to C*…and modding in general. And I feel like an idiot right now.

I’ve read around here that .Net is no longer supported by FiveM. So, my question is, by compiling “UWP” C# .dll’s, using VS 2017, am I avoiding .Net, or is this referring to using .asi files?

I’ve searched everywhere for tutorials, documentation, etc. over the last couple days on where to begin with FiveM and C#/dll resource development, but I guess I’m just not clear on what is what, compatibility-wise, and what I need to use and learn to do this.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to assist!


??? C# resources are .Net Framework 4.5.2 dll’s.

See [How-to] Setting up C# and creating a basic resource


That’s what I’ve come to understand, but I guess all the “FiveM no longer supports .Net” threads and comments have thrown me into confusion.

So what is it that is no longer supported if not .Net? Example thread/comment: Does this mod work on pΛ?

Forgive my ignorance, I’m trying to learn!


That is for client side mods, not server resources.

For client side mods only .asi plugins are supported (and some tweaks like sounds or visual settings).

A server resource supports LUA, C# .NET Framework 4.5.2 and to a certain extend JS.


Ah, Okay, I see! I wasn’t differentiating between resources and client-side mods. I know the difference, but it didn’t register that in all of those threads, they were talking about client-side, not resources!

You’ve cleared that up for me. And it was so obvious! Thanks dude, much appreciated!