Trying to find a new menu based community


Hey! Im a 15 yr old male from finland and im trying to find a new comminity for me, im gona list some things i want on the server

  • 5-20 community members/daily players
  • server can not be a economy server (it needs to have scripthook v enabled=client side scripts allowed)
  • rather to have no replace vehicles for civs
  • no server sided handling=i can use my handling that is not for abusing (readme for the handling>

my timezone is UTC +3 EEST, i usualy play arround 3-9pm


Hello, feel free to come check us out. We match all of your qualifications.


i was on the server whit i think you afk in it? but i had something on the way so i cant wrealy play on the server, aotherwise great, i have the bug that i can not see any server sided/fivem ui so it might bee the script that once you load in you should see a bix that has information of the server


.Are you interested in joining a diverse and professional roleplay community operating on the PC? RZRP is a
community in which fits this criteria and we are in desperate need of recruits to stabilise the community through it’s finest days, please find all applicant links below. Make sure you put in all your effort and detail and answer each question accurately and honestly.

What do we offer?
-CAD that is currently better than DoJ’s
-Active and Dedicated Directors and Staffing Members
-TeamSpeak Servers
-Fully working FiveM server, That is WhiteListed
-Custom SAHP and BCSO vehicles
-10 Custom add-on Civilian Vehicles
Website Link:


so only add-on vehicles for civs? and handling mods allowed if not abused? asking beacose i have obsession to mod everything i can :joy:


just made an aplication