Try the new native reference preview


I don’t think it is, but I’m not sure.


The new native reference is great. Stuff is more searchable. Kudos.
Now we just need the new “docs” page to be updated with everything aswell. :mascot:


What would you like to see besides “everything”? Since “everything” isn’t really possible to do with the limited amount of people that can work on it.


Is there a way for the community to contribute to the new documentation?


No, until there is a way to verify the documentation in a somewhat easy way.


You guys are amazing the amount of work you do for this community! Thank you :grinning::+1::sunglasses:


I’ve no idea how the new native reference site gets its information of natives
however, on the previous native reference site it did seem to fetch information regarding natives from the following site:

I did do some documentation of some natives awhile back, on the dev-c site, when the old native reference site (by FiveM) was still up. The documentation I did, did reflect on the native reference site by FiveM.

So, if it still works, people can contribute in documenting natives over there.


No. It was only updated once in a while from there. Now it’s all done using the natives repo on GitHub (see the CitizenFX page).
It’s no longer updated from the site you mentioned.


Ah right, only saw the repo now that you’ve mentioned it.