TrueRP / Easy to be cop / 60+ custom cars / custom map / good fps / jobs / money


Hello so this is the Co-Owner speaking

Im doing this post to get new players, we have really good admins that wants to take care of everybody on the server. the first 100 players get 150k to get your self a nice car. then you can chose to work in a legal/illegal job / u can apply to be a cop and do the trainer, (training is easy) you just need to apply. if u want to be a Admin, we will need trust in you, and if you get Admin you will get payed 5 $ a month and later on we are planing to pay 15$ a month. vrp server and remember always serious rp. Hope u will enjoy playing on TrueRP thanks a lot for reading (for the applications) (Server IP)


I just joined and the server looks great so far. I cant wait for more people to join and see what it turns into!


thanks man u should join the discord for more information and btw this friday is the 1.0 opening


This Will not be the case as you cannot make money from FiveM as it violates the TOS.


I feel like this is a grey zone, simply because they are not paying you for anything related to FiveM… They are simply paying you as if you were an employee of a company. That being said, if they are paying you with money they get from donations then yes, that would be against the TOS.


I have joined. I will PM you in a sec.