TPRPC | EUP | Need Staff, Devs, Heads, and more. | REALISTIC RP | Whitelisted LEO/EMS/Fire | Onyx Cad/MDT | | Custom Vehicles | Active Staff |

A description of us.
Hi! I am the founder of TPRPC and we are looking for department heads, staff, developers, and players. We will have a volunteer police department and fire department, with a twist. If you are seen being a volunteer enough and seen doing good, you might be able to skip the application process or get a RANK within the volunteer police department. Being a volunteer supervisor could possibly get you a new volunteer car(Normal volunteers drive a vic but you could get an explorer) and we also have some really good scripts and other cool things. Go ahead and join and check us out! We are not released yet but will release soon!
Our departments.
Currently, we have Dispatch, LSPD, SASP, BCSO, LSCFD, Civilian, and more to come that you could possibly direct! Join today and have a chance!

✦ Discord:
✦ IP: TBD/Join Discord!

I am looking to become part of a community on both staff level and in the law side if possible please

Hello! Be sure to join the discord, we are still in development but will release soon!

We are in need of more staff, leo, and so much more. We definitely need a developer. Is anyone interested? Join our discord today!

We still need all of the things listed!


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Bumperino. Still need staff, dept heads, etc.

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Still looking for all of the things listed.

Staff is need aswell as cops badly.