Tornado Mod?


So always wondered if this was even possible, I did some dotpeeking on the code, seemed semi-sophisticated but meh, what do I know ¯_(ツ)_/¯



psst, the code is open source at :stuck_out_tongue:


Point made Illusive :roll_eyes: inserts dumb look here but how hard would a conversion to fivem be? :thinking:


This would be a cool resource for fivem. However the source code is in C# and looks pretty complicated. But i know very little about C#. It would need to be rewritten using fivem functions ECT. If someone has done it they aren’t gonna share, and i dont blame them at all. As i wouldn’t even know where to begin, ive modifed a few C# resources but thats it. For now ill stick with lua.


How would I convert it so FiveM can read it?


uh i mean it would take a lot! i’ve been better at C# scripting than lua for some entire reason if anyone wants me to i can attempt it. like i said it would take awhile though since it’s a default GTAV Script thats made out of C# and who knows how much it would take.


I’ve put this into my private gta online menu before. I can see about converting to fivem but no promises.


omfg i just got it working. i downloaded it off gta5-mods and renamed the .dll to .net.dll and added it to __resource.lua booted my server changed weather to thunder and there it was after like 5 - 10 minutes a tornado had appeared on my screen.

Tornado/Real Life Weather?

How do I create the resource?


Ok so I tried making the resource… and all but I hit F6 and it wouldnt work. Then I changed it to F10 and it still doesnt work… I have the weather set on “Thunder” I even gave it an hour to load in but nothing never happened…

File Snapshots

Could you help me further diagnose why its not working?


sorry i was not responding but idk if it is fully working yet. i have only seen 1 twister in my game so far and i am going to recode it for fivem where you can choose commands or you can press F6 ingame (and a choice in the ini file for permissions) so i don’t think it works yet. please let me know if i should convert it.


Please do!!! I am dying to find one that works!!!


Can you pm me the fivem tornado mod files on Discord @rhys19 my discord is Randy K.



Please stop asking/pming me about the script.


ok @rhys19 thanks for scripting it


i wil lgive updates once i have updates on the script for fivem.


ok thank you @rhys19


I understand totally that your rescripting it but is it at all possible to upload your _resource.lua file so that i may see if i can get it working


it does not work at all. nothing works not even F6,or thunder the script will load successfull in server but it will not spawn the tornado therefor i can now post a status update of needs to be rescripted :wink:


Ah I got u now thanks