Tornado Mod?


So always wondered if this was even possible, I did some dotpeeking on the code, seemed semi-sophisticated but meh, what do I know ¯_(ツ)_/¯



psst, the code is open source at :stuck_out_tongue:


Point made Illusive :roll_eyes: inserts dumb look here but how hard would a conversion to fivem be? :thinking:


This would be a cool resource for fivem. However the source code is in C# and looks pretty complicated. But i know very little about C#. It would need to be rewritten using fivem functions ECT. If someone has done it they aren’t gonna share, and i dont blame them at all. As i wouldn’t even know where to begin, ive modifed a few C# resources but thats it. For now ill stick with lua.


How would I convert it so FiveM can read it?


uh i mean it would take a lot! i’ve been better at C# scripting than lua for some entire reason if anyone wants me to i can attempt it. like i said it would take awhile though since it’s a default GTAV Script thats made out of C# and who knows how much it would take.


I’ve put this into my private gta online menu before. I can see about converting to fivem but no promises.


omfg i just got it working. i downloaded it off gta5-mods and renamed the .dll to .net.dll and added it to __resource.lua booted my server changed weather to thunder and there it was after like 5 - 10 minutes a tornado had appeared on my screen.

Tornado/Real Life Weather?

How do I create the resource?


Ok so I tried making the resource… and all but I hit F6 and it wouldnt work. Then I changed it to F10 and it still doesnt work… I have the weather set on “Thunder” I even gave it an hour to load in but nothing never happened…

File Snapshots

Could you help me further diagnose why its not working?


sorry i was not responding but idk if it is fully working yet. i have only seen 1 twister in my game so far and i am going to recode it for fivem where you can choose commands or you can press F6 ingame (and a choice in the ini file for permissions) so i don’t think it works yet. please let me know if i should convert it.


Please do!!! I am dying to find one that works!!!