This week in FiveM: September 19/20th, 2018



Another even more bare progress update that happens to be late as well.

Progress, updates, etc.

  • Work was done on the new Markdown-based native documentation system that should allow for easier user contributions.
  • Support for additional identifier types (currently, xbl: and live:) was added to CnL and the server builds.
  • No work on OneSync this time.
  • WIP performance optimizations for native invocation have been tested and worked on, and are the reason this progress update was late. They’re not shipped yet, however.
  • A #hate-minus channel was added to the Discord guild.
  • No other progress of note.


I’ll hate-minus you.







Not a ton but still progress :100:


Good job :mascot:

more information ?


xbox live and live? Just ma guess.


Why no work on OneSync !? we all waiting for it :frowning: so please stop breaking our hearth every update Loveyou SnailTeam


Need it that bad? Work on it your self, it is open source after all?!


Honestly you should just prioritise 100% on getting onesync to work, it’s basicly what the majority of the community wants. It doesn’t even matter that mutch if it’s laggy or glitch, people just want 64 players…


“work on it your self” keep your suggestion for you . all what i need to say is we want to get 64slot even if it’s laggy / glitchy like @ATB1337 said !


Just be patient for fuck’s sake. When it comes it comes, it’s annoying seeing the same thing posted over and over again. For an opensource project which developers work on in their spare time.


" It doesn’t even matter that mutch if it’s laggy or glitch, people just want 64 players…"

Dear Lord, do not listen to this chucklefuck.