Thin Blue Line RP - Needing a Dev!


Hello everyone, my name is Brandon and I’m currently a co-owner for a community we’re trying to start up called Thin Blue Line RP.

We have a big community following from other servers and such and are trying to make our server one of the best out there, we’re currently looking for a dev who is very experienced and can make custom scripts as well as make our server professional, working and bug free!

Please reply to this thread as well as get into contact with me on Discord for further details: BFella#6136


– ignore my previous message –


Uh what? We haven’t even opened our server yet man? Think you have the wrong Thin Blue Line community.

We’re striving to create great atmosphere that’s fair and fun for everyone in the community, police will never be exempt from server rules and they will be held to a higher standard than civilians.

Please refrain from making baseless claims on a community and server that hasn’t even gone live.


sorry there was another server similar to yours called “Blue line RP”. They suck ass.


No problem man! Thanks for recognizing your mistake!

Hope you don’t have that experience elsewhere.


Are you only looking for devs or can i apply for LEO?


Are you still looking for a dev?