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This server is SO much fun we do RPs every day. I love the staff on this server they are strict but also like to have fun. I feel that some people overlook this server but they will miss out on so much fun and great RP. If you want a great server to RP on then Brothers for Life RP is the place for you! I hope to see you soon!


Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


hi this server is good


Big Server Update! New Name New Staff New Everything!


New Cars added! And New Scripts!


Looking For New Members And Leo’s!


We have New Addon Cars!


Came onto my server, became a member, advertised on my server, I remove him, and he goes on my server’s post and says I advertised on his.


I actually never joined your server. We have logs of you joining ours. Here they are: e9ce85a5e69ab6336b30698f0de0d7caHere is you messaging one of our members: 12313213


More Proof, you admitted it…


Well no comment I guess


Server is making Progress!