There is no more server!


There is no more server


This server is really fun! The owners don’t ignore you I promise! And if they can’t get ahold of you at the time the community is so welcome! I love all the customs cars and buildings they put in. Please give this server a chance! Help it grow!

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This community has a lot to offer, Custom cars, you can make your own business, also there is police ems and fire, there is els, all kinds of awesome things. my favorite part is, if you are low on money then you can apply for a loan! Staff team replies, they are so welcoming. this community is great.


Loads of fun to play on this server, Not that many players but the owners actually respond to you lol. Fun and exciting people within this community would want people to join!


Really fun server, Staff are kind and helping. Lots of RP options and jobs, All together a fun and exciting server to be apart of


Amazing server! Truly amazing staff and scripts. I came on this server and got my self registered and could not leave for 2 hours. Staff is very friendly and helpful and always help and look to make your experience on this server great. If any bugs happen development team managed to fix it automatically to help ensure they can keep a nice stable community and help your experience. Totally recommend 10/10 server with scripts and cars.

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This Server and the Community has Alot to Offer for Civilian and Leo and Fire& Ems and Dispatch. They have Amazing Custom Vehicle’s to Buy and Sell as a Car Dealership and Building aswell. IF your Low on Money Keep an Eye out on Server Events which you Can Win Free Money to Keep. The Staff and the Members give a Great Big Welcome when you come and Join This Community. Lot’s of Fun RP options to Choose From and Jobs to Do and get paid for. This Community and the Server has so many Scripts and Great CAD&MDT System.


I enjoy this server even though i am PL all of the players that get in the server and play is what makes the server unique. Everyone that gets on and plays there characters and do what they do is what i love about it. From doing car dealerships and criminal activities. I can see this server getting to a really good point with really good rp!