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TheNorthernRP Community Roleplay Server. [18+]

Welcome to TheNorthernRP. Here we focus on creating story lines for your characters, giving them plenty of space to develop and meet new and interesting characters. With the whole state of San Andreas available to explore, there is no limits to what you can get upto.

Located up north in the Blaine County region we have small, hardworking farming communities enclosed in between the mountain ranges of San Andreas. To the south we have the city of Los Santos. Both riddled with ‘wanna be’ achievers and ‘wanna be’ drug smugglers, the city can really take you off your feet.

When you arrive in our State, you will need to complete your PIDF. (Personal ID Form) This lets us know who you are and what your intentions are in the city. After that the world is available to explorer right at your fingertips (for a price that might be)

If you decide to join our State and want to help make it a ‘better world’ applications are available here for you to complete.

If you are deemed underage for our community, no worries! Acceptions are sometimes made to those who seem keen and enthusiastic. Other than that you can always try again later!

If you are interested, here are some links that are connected to our community:




UPDATE: 12/10/2018
Developers Needed, contact Ben S here

[RE-BRANDED COMMUNITY] TheNorthernRP | Looking for Developers, Scriptwriters, Modelers
Active Law Enforcement Officer Looking for Server
I’m looking to dev for a community

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