The Tofu Shop | Mountain Drifting 30+ Cars and All New Maps



Welcome to the Tofu Shop! We are a FiveM dedicated server that expertise in all things drifting, Our staff consists of every type of drift style you can imagine from keyboard to controller drifting and can help you in your drifting en-devours, friendly community and very common updates including new maps and cars almost weekly with almost over 30 vehicles currently included in our rotation.

All are welcome to join the server and our discord linked down below:
Our Drift Server:


nice adhd servers screenshot + need for speed screenshot. /s


WIP, wrong screenshots used, will be fix.


cause its funny, also:

you sure? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So… you are advertising for your server, using screenshots that arent even from your servers? what.


Old screenshot I took all the way back, didn’t realize it was an old one as I checked my screenshots, as I said WIP.