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Welcome to State of california Roleplay, a FiveM based Roleplay community. Our talented and hardworking team is dedicated to ensuring that everything State of california Roleplay creates is cool, fun and exciting. As a rule, we’ve agreed never release anything “less than awesome”.

About us
What started out as a small roleplay community enthusiasts has since turned into a team of more than 10 members. Our team now consists of specialists in many fields, including Developers, Highway cops, State wide security officers, much important civilians and so much more.
We’re experts in having a good time, and offer our fellow team members a chance to unleash their inner child through our awesome Roleplaying. Let us know how we can help you; When it comes to the roleplaying world, the sky’s the limit.

Serious about roleplay? Looking for something new? Well, you’re in the right place. Take a look at some of our departments withing community. If you’d like to Apply for each individual department we’ve got. Abide by its goals, and its rules, check out our portfolio of past, current and future playoffs we’ve been on and Apply today!

San andreas State Police
One of our most popular, and by far the favorite among our team. Its focuses on keeping the san andreas state safe through incredible imagery, action, interaction and animation. Wish to join them? Abide by the requirements and roles and fill out the form. we will get in touch with you once we check out the form.

Los Santos Police Department
While this is one of our earliest works, it is also one of our most successful and popular department. This team looks upon the security of the los santos city and keeping the crimes and accidents away. Whether you think you’re more into strategy and tactical roleplay, or prefer action and fantasy, we encourage all of our public to check out LSPD in order to truly enjoy the full State of california Roleplay experience.

San Andreas Highway Patrol
Serious about roleplay? Looking for something new? Well, you’re in the right place. Take a look at our Highway patrol department withing community. Most realistic and enjoyable department t you can find.

Los Santos emergency services
Take your role to the next level with emergency medical and file service - one of our exciting and most popular. Our team of designers and developers worked tirelessly in order to make this deparment come to life with awesome vehicles. Don’t miss out on a colossal, epic experience. Hours of gameplay await to usher you into a new world of danger and magic. Click on this button. COMING SOON!

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Ws are looking for RP experienced police officer for Higher roles. You got the passion and experience? Fill out the form, join the discord and send a message to our administration team member about yourself and your experience.

hope to see you in our community.
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Dose the server still suck ? Oh wait it dose hahaha…