The real vehicle pack from Casino update | Working sounds, animations, names

Here are the complete pack of all vehicles from latest GTA: V casino update. It also includes all needed sounds, animations and configs for them. All names are working. No crashes detected by me at least. Weapons for Paragon2 also works.

WARNING! You have to find correct mod kits id by yourself to make tuning work. Carcols in this pack is stock.


P.s. I’ve created carcols/carvariations for my server with correct modkits id’s for ME. You can try and maybe it will work for you too.

carcols.meta (1.3 MB)
carvariations.meta (47.3 KB)


When you say mod kit IDs, our server has over 200 cars. What’s an effective way of doing this?

Not having 200 cars.


LOL. I’m working on removing the crappy ones.

nice cars!!

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I have 200+ vehicles too but every time I was adding a vehicle I also wrote a modkit id for it. So now that’s not a problem for me to find a correct one for my server.

Is there a list of sounds, to use with PlaySoundFromEntity?

No but you can check it with openIV. I’ve included all sounds from update.

Obey 8F Drafter drafter
Ubermarcht Zion Classic zion3
Vulcan Nebula Turbo nebula
Bravado Gauntlet Classic gauntlet3
Weeny Dynasty Dynasty
Annis Hellion hellion
Progen Emerus emerus
Ocelot Locust locust
Weeny Issi Sport issi7
Pegassi Zorrusso zorrusso
Lampadati Novak Novak
Truffade Thrax thrax
Vapid Caracara 4x4 caracara2
Annis S80RR s80
Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire gauntlet4
Vapid Peyote Gasser peyote2
Benefactor Krieger krieger
Vysser Neo neo
Western Rampant Rocket rrocket
Ocelot Jugular jugular
Enus Paragon paragon
Enus Paragon R paragon2

What is a mod kit? A handling meta file?

how do you have the casino IPL ?

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Thank to @HorusBZK

Can I link this to the post?

What about the interiors? I dont see the casino in-game

Could you read the title? ‘Vehicle pack’

Could put in another link like mediafire or another that does not block because mega blocks the ip when the transfer is large

I appreciate it !

Yeah my question is this: How do you know what modkit IDs are acceptable? Random numbers? Any number that isn’t used by another vehicle?

No problem :wink:

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