The Real RSCRP | RiverSIde Couty Role_Play | Returning SOON |



THE REAL RSCRP | Riverside County Role_Play | Returning SOON

RSCRP | RiverSide County Role_Play is making a return to FiveM with new updated Scripts and cars and peds we have put a lot of thought in too everything.

Returning Staff But this may not be all that returns

  • Travis P. | C-001
  • SimpleTF

We missed everyone friends and the role-play community so we decided it would be best for us to come back and show are love the community again.

We will update the post with the new info of the server such as discord name and website for Active member applications We will have custom stuff

  • Cars
  • Peds
  • Scripts
  • Cad/Mdt
  • Website

And a lot more we thank you and hope you guys come and join or check us out

Team RSCRP | RiverSide County Role_Play


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sorry for the long wait more information still to come!