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  1. When I first moved to San Andreas from Liberty City, it was a huge shock: plastic surgery rejects walkin’ the streets of Vinewood Hills, trannies working the pole at the Vanilla Unicorn, gang bangers slingin’ lead throughout the streets of east & central Los Santos and the meth heads of Blaine County being, well, meth heads: things are very different in San Andreas to say the least. The law enforcement here in San Andreas is no joke, trying to do “business transactions” with my fellow “co-workers” is a struggle: City, County and State are always right around the corner and waiting for someone to slip up: Mikey was busted yesterday for transporting 3 kilos of coke in his trunk, then again, Mikey couldn’t talk his way out of a simple traffic stop if his fuckin’ life depended on it. I was sitting in Legion Square, sippin’ on my coffee, right? All of the sudden, some fuckin’ meat head walks into the Fleeca bank and tries to hold it up! Not even 30 seconds go by and the boys in blue show up with guns trained on the door and tear gas ready to go: needless to say, the guy inside got a little trigger happy with his boom stick and killed one of the hostages, the cops swarmed his ass and were on him faster than you could blink your eye: there isn’t much room to fuck up in Los Santos.

  2. Blaine County? That’s another story. We run a lot of “product” through the highways and interstates up there. The locals may not have two brain cells to rub together to form a thought, but they have major business out there if you’re looking to unload any arms, drugs or other “products” without a law enforcement presence breathing down your neck. It’s truly BFE in Blaine County, but because of how open it is, how deserted it is, there’s less room for error: that’s not to go without saying that the response time isn’t faster than a Liberty City minute, but you don’t have to worry about the rags up there bangin’ it out over some turf, or speed enforcement cameras all over the county like you do in LS: Hell, we have moved a majority of our major transactions out to the Sandy Shores airfield and no one really looks twice at us. We have an opium and marijuana field out there, a meth lab, and a few other “lucrative businesses” out in Blaine, but it isn’t easy being in the “family business”, sometimes I wish I would have just picked up a regular job at the career center when I arrived in San Andreas and left the mob life behind. There’s a lot of opportunities here in this state, in hindsight, I would trade all of this in for a normal life, working a 9 to 5, raising a family of my own, but in this line of business, opportunities like that are considered loose ends…

  3. San Andreas, the state of many opportunities, whether you’re a cop, a Joe Shmoe, or a goon, this place has it all for you… Just stay away from the trannies at the strip joint…

  4. Information About Our Departments

  5. We have gone through the aspects of being a civilian now we will talk about the Departments that make up our community including the Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS Department and our Communication Center or for short Central.

  6. Information About Law Enforcement

  7. Being a part of the law enforcement part of LSRP is very unique. Some examples of the things you are able to do as being a police officer. You are able to have a working

  8. K9 dog. You can do ID Check, Plate Check. You can also use speed radar. You can also Search, Confiscate, Jail / Arrest and you can give fines too. Overall you will have access to over 30 Law Enforcement Vehicles that are stretch through three agencies in LSRP.

  9. Information About Fire & EMS

  10. Being a part of the Los Santos Fire or EMS Department. You will have access to many unique features like new emergency vehicles. Including our new Fire Trucks and Ambulance vehicles. This department is right alongside Law Enforcement as being one of the most unique department in LSRP. The tools that you’re able to use like being able to revive other players. This department also includes being able to act out situations more realistically by putting a patient in the ambulance or and also being able to use the actions to check players bodies and many other things in that nature.

  11. Information About Communication (Central)

  12. Central receive all types of emergency calls from the public requesting police, fire, medical or other emergency services. Determine the nature and location of the emergency; determine priorities, and dispatch police, fire ambulance or other emergency units as necessary and in accordance with established procedures. Receive and process 911 emergency calls, maintain contact with all units on assignment, maintain status and location of police and fire units. Monitor direct emergency alarms, answer non-emergency calls for assistance. Enter, update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems. Receive requests for information regarding vehicle registration, driving records and warrants, and provides pertinent data. Monitor several complex public safety radio frequencies. Operate a variety of communications equipment, including radio consoles, computer systems. Central is also tasked with making sure that services are being used correctly in patrols.

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This server is still up and running, Come by and check it out!

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Best server you can find that is promised


This server is the best the members of this server are tight as a family. The owner of it is the hardest working person ever this is the best server your find out there. Come join and have some fun!


Best Roleplay Server ever. Most detailed, Most worked on. Try it, youll love it!


This server has been a home to me for the past week and this server is one of the best rp servers ive ever played on and its got the best dev’s ive ever seen including the owner Dark who is always working on the code adding new things and making sure everything is running smoothly. This server also has alot more to offer then any other server because of this dev team constantly adding updates and packs


This is an amazing server we are a great community always full of entertainment and always something to do there is always new stuff been added and the people there are always happy to help new people on the server and the staff will do anything to help get you set up or show you around and whats there and the website has lots of useful info hints and tips for the people who are new to role-play it so id recommend jumping on the server and joining the fun it is a one of a kind server where you can get lost in the role-play and you can get in depth with your character and can create some cool situations and have amazing experience creating a story to your character and creating a story as you go along there’s lots of things to do no matter if your up in the county areas or down in the city there is always something happening and always something to do so come on and check it out and create your story and create your role-play in the most enjoyable server you will ever know


This server has been home for me for months and it will be for a long time. I’m a police officer on this server and I have to say this is the most realistic and fun server on FiveM hands down. It’s massively immersive with tons of different homes, apartments and even mansions you can buy. Along with real life cars, different kinds of pets, and countless fun immersive jobs. You can even sell drugs to pedestrians, as well as players on the server which is one of the newer gameplay mechanics which has been added. The bottom line is you won’t waste your time coming here, it’s fun and is well worth the time spent. You’ll make a lot of memories here and will enjoy your time exponentially 10/10.


By far the absolute best RP server around. Most time & effort ever.


This is the best server out there, the best community out there, everyone is so respectful to eatchother and you will not be disappointed. BEST RP SERVER EVER.


This is the best-constructed server I have seen with the best people in it. There are many jobs and things to do on this server. For the most part, cops are always on and doing their jobs correctly. The server’s head coder, and developer, Dark spends hundreds of hours fixing things and with R. Young, another developer, try to make the server the best it can be. There are many civs that create exciting Role Play for everyone. Constant changes happen every day with new content and many bug patches. Overall this is one of the best community on FiveM.


Out of the few roleplay servers I had been apart of, LSRP is by far the most unique and realistic in terms of how each and every situation is handled from the common citizen, to the LEO’s and EMT, and even admin staff. The staff take great strides in helping provide a comfortable home for those new to RP but will not tolerate those who would attempt to break it down. The Owners use every resource at their desposal to create the one place many of us call home.


I am Trooper Berkowitz in the LSRP community:

LSRP has a lot to offer an the development team (well, Dark), puts a lot of hard work into the server, and it reflects. Whenever people come into LSRP, they are taken away by how impressive the server looks and how professional the First Responder’s are. Our community operates as a family for the most part, and we all support one another, both irl and in RP. This is one of the best RP servers out there and it reflects when people from other top name RP servers join ours in shock & awe. Come check us out, just don’t break the law. :wink:


This server is the best I have ever played in, I love this community and I totally recommend it as a community to even start role-playing with.


At the end of the day I’ve always respected this community being part of the dev team and growing this community to where it is today with one of the greatest owners that I’ve ever had the great respect of knowing dark. It’s been known thing that the server has come very far from where it use to be and will continue to grow and will always be a great server for all the play on.

Sincerely, R. Young
(LSRP Administration Team)


One of the best Communities in GTA:RP. This is my first RP and i’ve never been so welcomed into a community than this one. As i’ve been with this community i’ve met some great guys & gals who i would happily call Family. As that what LSRP is, a huge family.


These guys are pretty friendly to new people that come into their discord. Would say some people should check them out.


First server I ever joined when I downloaded FiveM. I know for a fact this is not only the most friendly server to join but also the most realistic up-to-date fun server ever. Highly suggest it if you want to make new friends and have the best time ever!


Great server. Role play is legit. If your looking for a server, this is the one.


My first FiveM roleplay server - other than the three others that shut down shortly after I started, lol!

Great people, good admins! Cops are decent too, so I decided to play a Medic. Having a blast so far. Well run server with great mods and a great coder taking care of business!

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