The OneSync EAP and you


lol :smiley:


can i do this on Zap hosting ?


Running linux, latest build.
Kept saying [Mumble] Reconnecting and [Mumble] Connecting [ip]
anyone know how to fix this?


hello guys i have one question how can fix the no player nearby and i cant give anything to another players
any one know how to fix that?


Change your esx config.maxplayers to 255

Thats saying it’s trying to reconnect after disconnecting unexpectedly. This is expected behavior. Please provide logs and procdumps if it doesn’t reconnect


wow its fine


now work fine but i have this problem
montana-romeo-bulldog crash
only one player can log in. in my server… what its this crash any know?


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Nice news :slight_smile:


Unable to remove blown up vehicles on our OneSync server. Kids hit the gas station and we can’t clear the resulting mess.


Any more information on that?

i.e. how said vehicles were spawned, what code you’re using to try to ‘remove’ them, etc.


Hey guys, is mumble voice chat working right now ? Just got success mumble connection message ( Channel : Root
User : [MyUsername]
so just would like to know if mumble is fixed or just connection is working but have troubles.
By the way i’m working on vocal script with WebRTC, if mumble doesn’t working i’m gonna end this script and if its working well, maybe i’ll release it in waiting of mumble voip release in OneSync servers.

Thanks in advance guys & have a nice day


Hey guys.
Do you have this error when you’re connecting ?
Onesync is activated on my server.


Yes, everyone got this issue with rcon_log plugin



Ok thx. I can disable it in rconlog ressource directly or just disable rconlog ?


how hard is it to keep rconlog enabled and ignore the error?..


I wanted you to play with GTA V PIRATA because many people do not have the conditions and wanted to play:+1::+1:


FiveM requires a legit copy of GTA V.


Just ran a few tests with our framework and setup seemed to have run into issues with the NetworkSetVoiceChannel native, this is part of the NETWORK natives on the github so this could be possible broken? Can anyone confirm?

Both our housing and phone system use it and don’t work with OneSync. Apart from that everything seems to be going great :smiley: Good work so far!