The OneSync EAP and you


We’ve been trying to make our server 64 people gap . When we confirm it , voice chat problem occurs , people are not being able to hear each other. How we could fix that?


Only solutions for now from what I we have found

  • Desactive/active tchat voice en Pause Menu that will make voice reworking
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For the millionth time (please look through the topic before you reply), it’s been said a million times that this is a known issue.


Oupss… Sorry for the advertising, I did not know that it was.

Sorry again.


My Game Crash Will Im Rp


Hey here

We crashed with ~47/50 players on
No errors in server consol
05aa2304-9819-4df0-82ba-f4b4b7a4ed8d.dmp (1.9 MB)

Say me if all previous crash file help you :wink:

Good luck


CMD Crash like this Screenshot_6 f4489c9b-51e6-4d9f-8f56-2d3c2c595392.dmp (2.1 MB)


Hello. We have ‘’ OneSync ‘’ server. When we reach 45 people ‘’ CMD ‘’ crashes and we can’t connect to server like 5-10 min. Can someone help me? also do you guys have any recommend about hardware features? for ‘’ OneSync ‘’ Thank you for help.


If we can’t reproduce the issue locally, it’s pretty impossible to fix it. That’s why it’s super important that when you report an issue you’re experiencing, you provide as much information as possible. If you just post: “My game keeps crashing. Fix it.”, there’s not a lot we can do to help you, and we really want to help you!

Upload the crash file that is generated when your server crashes.

OneSync makes use of multiple cores, so make sure you have at least ~4 cores


Anyone has a fix for voice chat not working with ESX
and pvp not being enabled even tho in essentielmode it is


Looks the loops in essentielmode and change like this.

AddEventHandler("es:enablePvp", function()
		while true do
			for i = 0,255 do
				if NetworkIsPlayerActive(i) then
					SetCanAttackFriendly(GetPlayerPed(i), true, true)

For the voice issue, try the last artefact.

And for info, we are on linux with last artefact but still voice issue for the moment.
Next try for us, desactive all ESX Voice code and just try the mumble voice.

Can someone tell us if remove the “voip-server:mumble” in components.json should normaly working?



What is this shit? Why is essentialmode setting this global to true in a player-related loop? That’s just 100 degrees of stupid, and leads to 32-256 native invocations per frame that don’t need to be there at all, and worse, breaks ‘randomly’ on 1s as players are allocated top-down.

Define ‘voice issue’ here. Also, Linux is not supported - does this still happen on Windows?

Define what ‘should normaly working’ means?


Hello @cobalt

Thanks for your answer.

for the loops, we will have a look if not need to be on it.

For the voice, it will work 2 or 3hours but after all voice are stopped (no more informations at the moment)

As requested we will try on Windows version and back to you.


my fivem will not stop crashing and it keeps saying

[Window Title]
Error steak-berlin-tennis

[Main Instruction]
FiveM has encountered an error

Recursive error: <> Pool Full, Size == 1500 (you need to raise <> PoolSize in common/data/gameconfig.xml)

If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details in this window.

[^] Hide details [Close]

[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: fivem.exe+15F7948
Report ID: si-028aa32608654fc08e141cd66b5ca1bc (use Ctrl+C to copy)


Hello, too many decors.


Hello! I have a question! If I want to join a server, the loading bar will stay set at a certain point and will not load.
Ask for a short answer!

Greetings from Cayd!


This is your server?


Hello. İs there any solution for ‘’ Timeout ‘’ problem? players getting timeout problem when they playing in the server.


There is no timeout problem. Please don’t expect any feedback without giving reproduceable steps


Alright, I code pvp enabled, voice is working only with mumble vo-ip… but the radius for talking in-game is small, anyone know how to make it bigger ?