The OneSync EAP and you


We change all scripts to i:0 , 255 loop


Tell you dev to have the same email on the forum as Patreon. He should see he has a new role on the forum and on key master it says “you’ve been bestowed with…” or something like that. It can take up to 6 hours to sync once the emails are the same.

Although users do offer help, it really is your responsibility to understand and change your own code. Just saying “it doesn’t work, we’ve changed all loops. Our players nearby isn’t woeking” is not the kind of feedback that will get your problem sorted. If you cannot get it to work then contact the creator of the resource that isn’t working. Or alternatively create a forum topic on #development:scripts with detailed information INCLUDING a code snippet of the code that’s not working

Edit: Someone on the FiveM Discord had similar issues. Make sure you set your Config.MaxPlayers to 255. Due to


I will try this .
thank you

İts work thank you


Screenshot_6 Last night we didn’t have any problem with 50-player slot. We even had 21 players in the server but a few mins ago CMD crashed when there 3 players in the server.23bd1d77-d127-4509-8c72-2e1374685d08.dmp (2.0 MB)


Screenshot_7 Today cmd crashed again. Before the crash voice chat was gone and the FPS dropped dramatically


Just want to know if i did something wrong.
+set onesync_enabled 1 is place, i have the Element Club Aurum
On Direct Connect

but on SERVER listing…

What should i do?

is it because im not a prototype?


Generally speaking, +onesync_enabled 1 needs to be added to your startup .bat file and not your server config. I’ve heard of it working in the config, but the fivem team recommends it in your startup file.


yes already there…
if not… i would not get 64 here

Maybe im wrong


Actually, you can take a server with onesync disabled and set the slots to 64. It won’t allow that many people to connect, but it’ll show that many slots on the server information. Have tried it myself out of curiosity. Sometimes that takes a bit to update properly. When you go in-game, does it say FIVEM ONESYNC ALPHA in the top right hand corner? If so, you’re good.


Why is it on a new line? It’s an argument, not a command, try to put it after +exec server.cfg


i see … ill try that. thx my dude


Hi here

This day we have try OneSync with 50 players on and the server crashed after 5-6 minutes

i don’t understand why he don’t have appropriate access for write a virtual address

i have open the dmp file and i found this :

If that can help you :wink:3a4fdaab-de67-4cb3-831f-5feb97fc14b0.dmp (1.8 MB)


Hello, it would be better to send this dump to #onesync or atleast provide a download link for the elements.


i have up my post :wink: ty


This issue was introduced during the ‘timeout fix’ server update, will be fixed in server builds starting at 1041. Thanks for the report! :+1:


What about my problem?


e7a5b463-064b-44e2-8538-123c2c3f29b1.dmp (2.0 MB)


Hey with the new update its much better now we have this one crash
b66dedc9-9868-4b01-9952-dab7e4f713aa.dmp (2.1 MB)

If you can give more information on


Hey here

I have a little problem at every connection for player this error pop only with onesync

thanks for your help


rconlog does not work with OneSync due to a native not working (I believe it’s GetHostId()), so disable it.