The OneSync EAP and you


Hello i have a problem when i go over 32 persons and somebody talk the server crash can you help me ?


how did you do it? mystery xD


i have this problem


We have new es_extended ???


hmmm no bro :frowning: why the new one is already done for 64?


how to fix


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English only please, we can’t understand a word of what you’re saying like this.


He needs help with that error, thats what he said


We need some help please about no nearby player issues


Uninstall “Proxifier”


Make sure your scripts are using the correct player loops.


someone pls help me


Any progress around set-as-mission-entity “support”?


now work one sync <3 <3


How to solve the problem “No player nearby”, I do not understand how to solve it.




The problem is that I don’t understand or have to modify this, I search but I don’t find. :confused:


I don’t know if they still use this but
Server_max_ping = 200
Server_maxBandwidth = (in KBPS)
Server_minBandwidth = (in KBPS)
this with smooth out flow You really have to tweak these ( per client)
then last
Server_MaxTickrate = 120 or about
Im old tho I have not done this stuff sense the 90’s



We have some issue with onesync whitelist check.
Our Dev is patreon and argentum and befor there is now problem.

Now for any reason, when we want to connect to the server it’s say that onesync is not permiet on the server.

Could you please help us ?

Paypal paiement is OK we are up to date.
We have try to generate a new key licence but the same :frowning: