The Los Santos Project | NON-ELS | Public Officers and EMS | Custom CAD | Custom Cars | Amazing Staff!


The Los Santos Project,

This server is here to give you a fun and amazing roleplaying server with Public Officer and Public EMS. The server is currently looking for players like you that would love to join this server!
We currently have

  • Custom Cars
  • Public Officers
  • Public EMS
  • Amazing Staff Members
  • Best of the Best Map Addons
  • Custom Emotes
  • Supporter Vehicles
  • Special Response Team (SWAT)
  • Civilian Departments (Like: Weazel News, Weather Forcast, and more!)
  • Custom CAD

And much more!
In this server you are also capable of suggestion your own vehicles, map addons and Scripts!
Cops, EMS, Taxi, Tow, Special Forces, Dispatching, Civilians are all available in this server!
Join now and become a part of an amazing community!


We hope to see you on our server soon!

  • TLSP Co-Founder/Co-Commisioner Wolf
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  • Added better ticket script on discord.
  • Added more police vehicles in the server.
  • All police forces have combined.