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Welcome fellow roleplayer

This is the official recruitment post for this community! I only ask for 5 minutes of your time to read this post and to come check us out. This is a new community called The Golden State RP! We are in need of civilians and ranks in both EMS and Troopers. We are in the look for hard and serious roleplayers to come join us on our realism experience. We have a highly extensive academy that all new Troopers have to go through.

If you have never heard of FiveM, we will take the time to train you on the basics and get you all setup.

What is there to do?

There is loads of stuff to do around San Andreas loads of civilian jobs available to offer from our Job Centre, or if you like getting into the criminal side of stuff there is also Weed, Meth, Cocaine pretty much any drug is available… You just need to find them… You can rob banks/ stores…. If you would like to fight against the crime lords in the city than San Andreas State Troopers.

What is San Andreas State Troopers?

We are a single department that all troopers going through individual rankings each have their own new vehicles they can unlock the higher they climb… We also have a certification program where you can qualify to ride the State Bikes, Helicopters or Interceptors.

What about San Andreas Medical (EMS)?

We have a Medical department also that help and serve the people of San Andreas when they need Medical attention… They are also looking for dedicated medical staff to join there team and help the people stay health and well.

We have ELS and Non-ELS Vehicles available for both departments to suit people’s needs.

Server features

  • Custom framework with modification changes.
  • Jobs, economy system, stores, robbable banks/stores, drugs and much more…
  • Complete Non-ELS and ELS Vehicles.
  • Loads of Custom Civilian Vehicles.
  • Custom Scripts.
  • Custom YMaps (Made by the Development team.)

There is so much I want to do and add to this community, I just need a player base!

We are also looking to partner up with another community.

Here is our discord if you want to check us out to anyone who is interested!

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you in our city soon!


Post Bump!!

Attending to a scene in Grove Street…


Troopers tracking down stolen vehicles in sandy shore today. A BOLO is still active for a Suntrap blue in color, any info please contact Lt Steel.

I'm looking for a RP server to join