The Empire Roleplay [EU/US] | Player Owned Housing | Home Robberies | Serious Roleplay | Whitelisted Police and EMS | Legal and Illegal Jobs | Custom Robberies and Drugs | Custom Vehicles | Active Staff and Dev Team | Recently Wiped!

About Us

Why not try a server which has features no other public server has?
Empire Roleplay is a recently wiped serious RP community with active staff and development teams. We are constantly working on new and improved additions to the server with some being suggestions from our community! Community standing is now at 900 members and growing day by day!


  • Player Owned Housing
  • Home Robberies
  • Starter Funding
  • Whitelisted Jobs
  • Non Whitelisted Jobs
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Brand New Drug System Including Planting and Processing
  • No Radar Outside of Vehicles
  • Custom Textures
  • Custom Phone
  • Clean UI

Come Join Us!

Directly connect to the server using the IP address below!
Server IP:

Or Try:

On the FiveM home menu press F8 and paste: connect

Join our Discord for any questions or to just chat with our friendly community!

Apply to become a registered civilian!

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IP Change

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Come Hangout!

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Reverted from OneSync, waiting for artifact updates for stabilisation.

Pushing EU Recruitment

Home Robberies Is LIVE!

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Update Released

Police Car Overhaul featuring Widebody Hellcat

Breast Cancer Event