Texture down scale on ped


Anyone able to lower the texture size of these models?


It’s super easy to do yourself.

Download OpenIV, open the textures with the inbuilt texture editor.
Export the textures
Open them in your favourite image editing program
Lower the resolution
Save the images
Import them back into the Image Archive in OpenIV
Save it and chuck it back on your server.


I actually have tried it before but it wouldn’t load the ped, real pain


Gave it another shot, program just crashes when I import, :expressionless:


How are you changing the resolution?

Are you changing resolution or texture dimensions?

How are you import them into OpenIV?

Are you replacing or deleting all textures and import every file at once?

( If you can answers theses I might be able to help :slight_smile: )


I extracted them and put the .dds into Photoshop and changed the resolution to half of the original for each file in the ytd. Then I imported them back into the original ytd with openiv. I don’t have a lot of texture editing so I’m unfamiliar with it.