Texas State Trooper RP - Developer Required



Kent Police RP, or GhostGaming as it is called at the moment, is looking for a developer to help set up the server and get it running. The server has been set up and can be run, I would like some help installing scripts, cars and mods, and setting up a database, which I am struggling with.

If anyone is kind enough to help, we can come to some sort of agreement to get it done.

Please message me here, reply to this threat or add and message me on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/thejihad

Thank you.


ill join because i cant find any other server that seems to not have allot of people


Hi, you are more than welcome to join, but there is nothing on it, hence I have adverted for someone to help me put some scripts on.



is there a discord i can join?


I have a TeamSpeak you can join, I will PM you the IP to join.

If not, then I will set up a discord for it.



This is the discord as well


I am still looking for a developer - Please message me on discord:


Thank you


i don’t think get a developer is go to work do to your wording required sound like your telling people to develop for you.


I am not looking for someone to develop for me , but to help me in get scripts working and what not in order to get my server going as quite frankly, I am getting lost on what to do.


Im keen to help, can I get a new discord link


please add my user id of Martinez#1962



Hey join this discord an you’ll get help​:muscle:t4::+1:t4:


Srr for got to give you a discord link https://discord.gg/pH6kjqv