-= Texas State Department of Justice =- -= Upcoming Server =- -= September 2018 =- -= Looking for all positions =-


Hello, and welcome to an new upcoming server, the server is coming in September of 2018, as if now until then, we can do textures for the cars, find some good plugins, and many more stuff, as we build the community i hope to strive as a Director, I want this community to be about fun this server is gonna have



*Active Police, EMS, Fire

*Respectful Admins

*Community Police

As this community grows, i need some help getting stuff together as in server wise, as of now we will use an enjin website until we get the money, donation are accepted but not needed, as there will be Donator perks in the server as well, we need all staff including

Special Unit Agency
Drug Agency
Chief of Fire
Chief of EMS
Chief of Police/Sheriff/SUA/Detective/DA
Deputy Director

As we will need to set up the discord, everything will be discussed in the discord, anymore questions feel free to join out Discord or reply to this post, or contact me on discord


Anyways have a good one y’all cya :wink: