Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPSRP) | Anyone can be COP/FIRE/EMS | Menu Based | DOJ Like Community


Texas Department of Public Safety RP Server

TXDPSRP is a FiveM Roleplay Server where you can be anything such as a cop, fire/ems, or just a crazy criminal. We here at TXDPSRP make sure you have a great experience roleplaying here.

What We Have:

  • CAD System
  • /emotes (You can use this instead of going in the menu)
  • /fix (Easier to fix your vehicle)
  • /me, /tweet, /911
  • Active Community
  • Active Developers
  • Active Admins

FiveM Server:
Server IP:
You can also search Texas Department of Public Safety and join from there.

Discord Server:

Q: Can I be a cop?
A: You can be a public cop, and then later apply.

Q: Can I be Fire/EMS?
A: You can be Fire and EMS, and later you can apply for a real position.

Q: Can I be a Admin/Moderator?
A: We are currently not accepting staff, but if we see you helping players and being active on TXDPS, you never know what could happen. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Q: Where do I apply for cop/Fire/EMS?
A: There will soon be applications on our discord server. It’ll be easy to find!


Good community. Love it!