Testing this shtuf


Just a simple script i made while bored, nothing special really. Places props at your feet and adjusts to the direction you are looking.

Download: Placeprops

Cone Commands


/pc3 (floats a bit due to a weird square underneath it)

Barrier Commands



A lot of these are not dynamic due to them not even though dynamic is true and others because the AI is dumb and will drive into them a lot which is annoying.

If you want some of the props dynamic where it says local object = CreateObject("PROP NAME", x, y, z-1.90, true, true, false) change the final boolean from false to true to enable dynamic (doesnt always work) or to disable it from being dynamic change to false.

To delete the objects you will need something like the gravity gun as im not too sure on how to make a way to delete sperate objects!

Images from: Object list

Sorry for bad explanation not very good at posts, just wanted to share a script :slight_smile:.


Amazing (except for the lack of removable objects) but still a great script. Barriers cant be gravity gunned learned that the hard way