Telling me not connected steam but i have gta 5 on social club Help


Hi i have a problem when i start the FiveM and go to servers is telling me need steam but i have Gta 5 on social club how i can play on server without the gta 5 having on steam please help Thanks.Error Not connected to steam please re open steam.


Just have steam running, thats all some servers require.


Im doing that but still the same


Startup steam before you launch FiveM.


im doing that its not helping


on same servers i can join but others i cant because the steam error


Are you sure your FiveM and GTA are up to date? If so try switching to steam’s beta builds. Seems to be an issue with some other people as well running a specific version of steam.


i just got this error when i was trying to connect to the server error sink robin mexico fivem.exe +6012D3


im going te reinstall the FiveM


and now its not opening the FiveM help


again the same telling me re open the game while the steam is open


It’s not working forme eitehr i cant join any game, after someone kicked me said “fail RP” … help I cant join any, win7


i have win 7 to but i fix it


Windows 7 is no longer supported, consider updating to Windows 10


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