Hello everyone! My name is Nicholas Hetherman and I am currently the Captain of the Blaine County Sheriffs Office of TECF Gaming. TECF stands for The Elite Clan Family. We are a decade and a half old community that originally started on Xbox. We have since switched over to PC and are looking to expand our community exponentially. We are looking for quality RP as well as a great personality. We are not a whitelisted server so anyone can join. While our main focus is FiveM, we are not restricted to it alone, as we have many other games in our playlist. Info to join the server and the community can be found below. We’re always looking for new members so don’t be afraid to join us!

I’ve been a apart of TECF Gaming for over 6 months now. My experience here was been absolutely astonishing. The RP’s are always so much fun to play in, the scenarios are unique, and it really gets you mind going. Ever since I first joined 6 months ago, I always get greeted when I hop into the server. Everyone is so kind and you are guarrenteed to make lots of new friends here. The thing I love about this community, is that we don’t just stick to FiveM, we play Siege, Far Cry, Squad, PUBG, ATS/ETS, etc. We all play together and we act as a family. We all care about each other and that’s an amazing feeling to have. When I always join RP, there’s always stuff going on and I just wanna get right into the action, to just simple traffic stops to jailbreaks and more, you’re always gonna have a great time playing RP here. We take RP seriously here and that may seem bad, but it really makes the RP better and more realistic, and that’s what I really like that happens here. We don’t have people driving around supercars going 200MPH and crashing into everything or screaming into our mics. What we have here is legit RPing where we follow traffic laws and act professional, and that’s what makes my experience so unique. Overall, this is the best community I’ve ever joined and I have no regrets at all. I’ve joined multiple other communities in the past, but this community by far is the best.

-San Andreas Department of Public Saftey
-Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
-Civilian Operations

-To be a member of our community you must meet certain requirements.
-Be able to download Teamspeak 3
-Own a legit copy of Grand Theft Auto V (unless signing up for Dispatch)
-Meet the age requirement of 16
-Can not be a member of any other FiveM Roleplaying community


If you want to connect to the server all you have to do is type in TECF in the search bar and the server should come up.
We typically hold Mini RPs throughout the day as members are able to get on and official RPs between 7-9pm CST.

SCREENSHOTS (Old and New Pics)


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