TBLGC Recruiting


Hi, I’m Alex, one of the Co Owner/Director on Thin Blue Line Gaming Community. We are a San Andreas law based role-play community. We currently have about 10 people on a day and more throughout. The server is Serious RP only. As you read below the admins are friendly and always willing to take suggestions. Currently we have custom uniforms/jobs/money/els vehicles/non els vehicles/much more coming soon. We have around 61 members but lacking active members to patrol with and in our departments soon to be whitelisted, however anyone is able to be a civilian. Below are the departments we have in the server. If you want to apply for a department go to application link.

• Blaine County Sheriff Office
• Los Santos County Sheriff Office
• San Andreas State Police
• San Andreas Fire Rescue
• San Andreas Civilians
• San Andreas Public Safety Communications

Civilian is open publicly but full time civilian can be given. Anyone is welcome to join the TeamSpeak or Discord and talk to a member of the Recruitment Division.

Website https://thinbluelinegamingcommunity.mistforums.com/ still under construction
Application goo.gl/EF8KDc2
Discord https://discord.gg/6fZXCMe5

If you require any assistance with anything just ask for one of the administration guys.

Thin Blue Line Gaming Community Recruitment Division!


Hey all, we are still actively recruiting for all departments. Come by our teamspeak and talk to us about what you want in a community and we might be the exact fit you are looking for.


Im looking for alex.


Come join our discord and see what we’re all about!


hey how are you jperson im alex